Ogun Police advises owners of lost vehicles to report to State CID for identification and claims

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The Ogun State Police Command has advised the general public especially those who lost their vehicles/motorcycles to thieves or abandoned to report at State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for identification and claims.

The vehicles and motorcycles are: one Honda car with Reg. No: EY 93 LND 22; one unregistered Toyota Avensis; one Toyota Highlander with Reg. No: JJJ 588 D 32; one unregistered Pathfinder Jeep; one Toyota Previa with Reg. No: EKY 267 EE 34; one Nissan Sunny with Reg. No: KTU 967 BV; one unregistered Mitsubishi; one unregistered Nissan Quest; one Vento with Reg. No: TRE 222 XA; one OPEL Omega with Reg. No: EPE 402 DU; one unregistered Honda Jeep CRV and one unregistered Golf car.

Others are one OPEL Vectra with Reg. No: EP 402 DV; One unregistered Nissan Primera; one Nissan car with Reg. No: FA 882 LND; one Nissan Quest; one Honda Accord with Reg. No: SM 33 KJA; one Nissan Sienna with Reg. No: FV 15 LSR; one Volkswagen Bus with Reg. No: 439 AAA; one Nissan Sunny with Reg. No: AGL 200 CZ and one unregistered Mazda Taxi.

The motorcycles are: one Jincheng motorcycle with Reg. No: QC 799 JGB; three unregistered Bajaj Boxer; one TVS motorcycle with reg. no: JGB 405 VL; one LIFAN with Reg. No: ABG 531 QC; one Boxer with Reg. No: AYE 624 QC; one Boxer Bajaj with Reg. No: QY 723 AAA; one Jincheng with Reg. No: QR 192 AKD and one Boxer with Reg. No: NND 433 QA.

Others are one Boxer Bajaj with Reg. No: QW 521 MUS; one Bajaj Boxer with Reg. No: SGM 139 WN; one Bajaj Boxer with Reg. No: JGB 059 WQ and one Bajaj Boxer with Reg. No: JGB 549 VE.

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