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OPINION: Magodo Estate Residents And Illegally Acquired Land ~ By Celestine Mel


By: Celestine Mel

The false narrative in social media regarding the police action in Magodo Estate Lagos confirms that indeed, the media can be truly manipulated to mobilize citizens against authorities especially by those who have the means and the power to do so. The insinuation that the police were in Lagos illegally or that the scene wherein Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu personally went to question the presence of policemen in Magodo Estate in negation of his role as the CSO of Lagos State, and a confirmation that indeed the Nigerian structure is defective, does not apply itself to the facts of the matter. It’s a matter I have taken time to research on, and I dare say, the Governor of Lagos is an interested party in the entire shameful display of lawlessness in Magodo.

By obstructing the police from executing a valid order of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, it is clear that the big web of conspiracy to hinder law enforcement from carrying out its job, would never give up until the last blood is drawn. It is the height of our collective descend into anarchy.

This is what I know of the matter and why I made the statement above.

A military governor in the 1980s forcefully and deceitfullly evicted lawful residents and land owners in the magodo area of Lagos from their ancestral lands under the cover of public interest, claiming that government wanted to build an international hospital in the land. No compensation was paid. The victims watched helplessly as the government instead converted the land to an housing estate, shared among friends and families of their cronies and elites. The victims approached the court to seek redress. The court issued an injunction to stop all parties from further development of the land during the pendency of the matter. Lagos State government then (as usual) ignored the injunction. Development of the land into Magodo estate continued. Until the matter was finally settled by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2012.

In the final judgement, the Supreme court restored the rights of the Magodo Landlords Association over the land and awarded cost against the Lagos State Government. It also directed the litigants to repossess their land.

This judgement of the Supreme Court was ignored by Lagos State and the illegal occupants of the estate continued to stay. The landlords association, unable to execute the court directive, went back to ask for help from the Supreme Court. Rather than obey the last court in the land, Lagos State similarly further went to a High Court to initiate another process to stop the execution of the order of the Supreme Court. The government went further to invite the judgement creditors for a negotiated settlement. It offered them replacement land in Epe LGA. The creditors refused the offer and insisted that the order of the Supreme Court should be obeyed and Magodo should be vacated. Lagos refused to give effect to the judgement . There was a stalemate.

At the Supreme Court The litigants further approached the Supreme Court the IGP wsd directed to enforce the judgement to enable the litigants repossess their land.

Above is the reason policemen were mobilized from force hq Abuja to accompany the judgement creditors to repossess their land in Magodo. On getting there, the occupants of the property who by the Court order are presently deemed as illegal occupants, staged a firece resistance against the police. They barricaded the estate, mobilized themselves into a strong army to resist attempts by the police to enforce an order of the Supreme Court. They have feigned victims and are using all sorts of tactics to stall the execution of the order. We have to note that the same residents previously used their connection within the society and government at different levels to stall the execution of the Court order from 2012 to date.

And if I may ask, what sort of country would we have if a judgement of the Supreme Court – the highest court in the land, cannot be executed because powerful people are involved? Between the illegal occupants and the restored owners of the property, who shoukd indeed cry of being wrongly treated? Did we take a look at that old blind man yesterday? He must have been lucky to be alive. Others I learnt have died seeking justice over the Magodo matter. The police is absolutely right to have gone to that place to give teeth to the order of the highest court in the land. Unfortunately, those who illegally coveted the land are the ones crying victim today while the police which is doing its job is being hounded.

The only remedy available to the Lagis State Government is to relocate the illegal occupants of the estate to another place so that the judgement creditors may take their rightful property. All the theatrics and rigmaroles including seeking injunction in a high court and inviting parties to settlement is diversionary. It is an exercise in futility. The judgement of the Supreme Court MUST be enforced to the fullest at a heavy cost to those who created the mess.

The Magodo matter should be a lesson for those who believe in absolute power. There comes a time when Daniel would come to judgement. That time is now for the hapless citizens who invested billions in the illegality called Magodo Estate.

This has nothing to do with the structure of Nigeria. Don’t fall for that propaganda.

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EACOED: Non-Payment Of Tuition Fees And Students’ Right To Write Examination

Last week Thursday, precisely the 11th of November, 2021, a significant number of students were ejected from examination halls at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo. Invariably, they were denied the right to sit for the second semester examination.

The rationale behind the deprivation was the inability of the students to pay their tuition fees. Customarily, students are under financial obligations to pay a pre – determined amount of money as tuition. Tuition fees are paid twice per annum.

Tertiary education is not free in Oyo state. This is unlike primary and secondary schools. Both elementary and secondary education are tuition-less; courtesy of the magnanimity of the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Abiodun Makinde. That singular gesture by His Excellency has returned thousands of drop-outs to schools. Very many parents have also withdrawn their wards from private schools to public. Majority of these drop-outs
were hitherto wandering aimlessly in the streets while few were hawking. A significant number had also transformed to urchins and miscreants.

Interestingly, the seemingly shattered hope of the less-privileged students had been rekindled since they now have access to schooling. All adorations to the amiable Governor of Oyo State. May Allah continue to imbue the governor with more wisdom and every impetus needed to succeed.

One of the requisites to becoming a bonafide student in tertiary institutions is the payment of tuition fees. In the past, it used to be the ticket for matriculation. Every successfully – admitted student is expected to fulfil that last requirement of studentship. The payment is mandatory. Non- refundable and non-negotiable.

Meanwhile, due to the precarious situation of our economy and a plethora of unfortunate circumstances, rules are sometimes relaxed in some institutions to accommodate instalment payments. Most often than not, ultimatum were issued for the the payment. However , every defaulter may be susceptible to a penalty in the name of late payment which usually attract extra money.

The above was the situation at the Oyo state-owned ancient College of education when the management barred about forty final – year students from writing a final year paper over unpaid tuition fees of #26,955. The paper was Curriculum Studies with the code Edu 321 and other courses.

From the above, one may be tempted to query the legality of exemption of students from sitting for an examination; the implications of which are enormous.

Tuition fees defaulters who are denied examination would invariably have an extra semester or a year. In this case, they would not be able to graduate with their course mates; no matter their brilianace. This is worrisome.

Like I wrote, the legality and morality of the exemption is questionable. Let us apply logic and discuss as intelllectuals with humane feelings.

The tuition in question is expected to be paid by the students. But have we considered the implication of the deprivation on the future of the students! Earnestly, the punitive measure is weightier than the gravity of the offence. As it is; the students would miss one year. That is to say that they cannot graduate with their mates. Even, if the fees are paid with extra charges. Aside this, they would still need to pay for the extra year by the time they resurface to resit and make up for the loss paper. From this simple analogy, four punishment are starting at their faces: Extra year, #10,000 late payment, payment of tuition for the semester and another payment when they returned after losing a year.

In my opinion, the management should have deviced a means more humane than ejection from examination hall.

For instance, the authority could hold on the release of academic transcripts, grade reports and certificate because of student failure to fulfill their financial and administrative obligations to the college. These obligations may be more than tuition to include education loans, damages or failure to return library books and other indebtedness.
This could be effected during the collection of clearance at the bursary department where the records of payment are kept. Surely, the students would come back for their results.

Apart from the bursary, graduating students are mandated to sign certain documents from their respective departments, schools cum faculties and students’ Affairs Office. This makes it practically impossible for any defaulter to elope with his debt.

I sincerely and respectfully crave for the indulgence of the management of the college to critically look into this issue and do the needful.

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a columnist with Oduduwa News and a public affairs analyst.

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LekbadColumn: PDP’s Cede Of Deceit And Zoning Formula Of Falsehood

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a Columnist with Oduduwa News and Public Opinion Analyst.

Politics to a lay man, is a game of number. The lay man may not be wrong by virtue of his level of understanding of the word politics. To him, the party with the highest number of votes during an election wins the race and whatever that is cast at the polling booth is all that matters. This is a myopic view. In politics, the more you look, the less you see !

Elections in Nigeria is much more than voting. Rather, it is filed with pre-primary intrigues, manipulation, maneuvering, betrayals, compromise and sacrifice. I was once a full-term staff of the moribund National Electoral Commission, NEC, Lagos Island. That puts me at a vantage position and an ample knowledge of the scenes beneath the masquerade garb.

The recent announcement by PDP NEC that the party has ceded her Chairmanship position to the north was received with so much elation by party faithfuls in the south. The ecstasy is understandable.

In retrospect, there have been several calls for the party to zone her national chairmanship slot to the north with the belief that; by so doing, the presidential ticket would be sorted out by party men from the south. This is in line with the principle of rotation within the party. Although, this is not grounded in the nation’s constitition but it is not a misnomer. After all, democracy could be defined in tandem with the peculiarity of each sovereign nation.

I have read few reports and opinions about the so-called zoning; many of which agreed with the decision, with a particular emphasis and harping on the technical knock-out on Alhaji Atiku. In the views of some of these erudite opinionists, Alhaji Atiku stands no chance to clinch the presidential ticket again. The submissions of these opinions stem from the fact that, once the national Chairman comes from a region, the presidential candidate would not be picked from the same region.

Periscoping the zoning proposal by the NEC of the party, I can smell a rat. I have a reservation for that resolution. The decision to me; was warped in deceit.

Of truth, the southern governors recently met and requested that the next president should be a southern extraction but their northern brothers have insisted that the electorates should decide. Therefore, the decision as agreed upon at NEC level was a victory for the southern presidential candidate agitators.

However, the resolution of the governors is only a suggestion to the zoning committee of the national convention. The main convention where a replacement would be picked for Uche Secondus, would hold on October 30 and 31 in Abuja. Therefore, the Southern governors need to hold their popping of champagne at least till the end of the convention. Or succinctly put, till the selection of the presidential flagbearer. How do I mean !

The body language of the the north across the two major political parties is not suggestive of their readiness to allow power shift. Really, power is intoxicating but at the same time, transcient.

In an interview granted by
Professor Umar who is the National Secretary of Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, FDAN, the erudite scholar posited that power could only be won and not derived through blackmail or intimidation. This is a figment of my apprehension to the pyrrhic victory of the southern governors. The statement of the professor is a representation of the general stance of the north.

The position of the party chairman is crucial to the nomination of the presidential flagbearer. To say that the north has willingly succumbed to the agitation of the south in ceding national Chairman to the north needs a second thought. In my opinion, the north might want to use the occupant of the position of chairman to install the presidential candidate of northern origin with the plan that the chairman would relinquish his position for the south in a bid to balance the equation. This is not impossible. The zoning, as agreed upon by the governors may be a decoy and a bait.

The communique that emanated from the meeting of the substantive zoning committee under the chairmanship of
Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State was highly pregnated with secrecy, deceit and decoy which confirmed my apprehension especially with regards to the first three statements of the communique as presented hereunder:

  1. The National Zoning Committee of the PDP was given the mandate to zone National offices to be contested by all PDP Members of the Party at the PDP National Convention of the Party scheduled for October by the National Executive Committee of the Party.
  2. That the mandate of the Committee does not include Zoning of the offices of the President, Vice President and other Executive and Legislative offices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    And the decision of the Committee to zone the Party offices does not in any way affect the executive and legislative offices in Nigeria.
  3. That zoning of offices on PDP has traditionally been between the North and South of Nigeria.

From the above, there is nothing suggestive of any blanket ban on Alhaji Atiku or any other northern politician to vie for the presidential ticket of the party. The zoning is limited to party offices. There is a line of demarcation between Party Officials and Presidential or Legislative Representatives.

As it is, the zoning holds no water and the ticket is open. The party flagbearer might come from any region depending on the pedigree, astuteness, doggedness and above all, cash at disposal.

For Comments:

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Seun Fakorede: Before It Is Too Late || By Hassan Olaoniye

That you have been reappointed as a commissioner by Governor Seyi Makinde is a good news in the ears of many. I must congratulate you on this new feat.

I sincerely join your admirers and yourself in celebrating this golden opportunity of yours to serve in this governmnent for another period of 2 years.

Your good relationship with the Governor, and of course, his people has made this possible.

Hon. Fakorede, the news of the decision of Engr. Seyi Makinde on August 27, 2019 to appoint the youngest Commissioner in his cabinet in the history of the country made everyone be like a dog with two tails.

That the personality behind the youngest Commissioner in Nigeria is from Ibarapa was indeed music to the ears of the people of the region.

Your acceptance by everyone brought a media war against some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from your Constituency who had gone to protest at the state House of Assembly in apparent disapproval of your appointment.

Many of us took to the social media too to lampoon the show of shame displayed by them because our very own, Seun Fakorede, had come to stay.

Your appointment caused some acrimony between a number of youths and old politicians in the region. The controversy ochestrated by conservative minded politicians was sternly repelled by some intellectuals who believed that your emergence as commissioner was a welcome development.

Despite having been reduced to a hoax by the political class, the much talked about “not too young to rule” law had found its place, at least, in Governor Makinde’s heart. This is the belief of a section of the public, in sharp contrast with the ill-conceited protests that enveloped your first appointment.

The reason behind the unnoticed support behind you then was not farfetched. Ibarapa region is a paradigm of a forgotten land. A region whose leaders relish in failure – dilapidated roads and school buildings, dry pipe boreholes and worst still, age-long blackout.

Notwithstanding the fact that the youths are in the majority, politicians come every four years to share money during elections and leave them in the lurch after their electoral victory/loss till another election period.

Many people, both within and outside the political shore, believed that a Seun Fakorede as Commissioner is tantamount to opening the eyes of the youth in the region thereby ending the age-long criminal political enterprise being perpetrated by the political gladiators in the region. That, in reality, is correct.

They were of the opinion that a Seun Fakorede as Commissioner would spearhead a youth driven initiative in the region with a view to transmogrifying and liberating the youth from these carpetbaggers and champagne socialists parading themselves as politicians in the region.

They argued that a Seun Fakorede would give hope to both the primary and secondary school pupils in the region while discharging his duty as Oyo Commissioner. After all, his boss, Makinde had promised an all inclusive governmnent.

However, as a motivational speaker that you had been before being appointed, one would believe Hon. Fakorede would, at least, once in 5-month out of his own volition look back and visit some of the primary and secondary schools in the region, enlighten them, restore their belief in education and encourage them that their background does not mean to put their back on the ground.

Their hopes as far as your first emergence in office were dashed as the commissioner’s doors were slammed against every form of intellectuality.

Expectedly, the urgent 5k benefited as usual, (awon aje senu foro) were on top gear all through.

I was discussing with one of the intellectual minds in the region recently. The discussion hinged on the leadership failure that Ibarapa had faced over the years and the way forward.

The young man shared a story of Alhaji (Engr) Shuaib Gbadegesin Gbadamosi, who was a 5-time commissioner in the region. He was said to be the longest serving commissioner in Oyo State. He hailed from Ayete, Ibarapa North Local Governmnent.

Engr Gbadamosi headed several portfolios in his lifetime which included: Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of Land and Housing, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance.

We learnt that it was when Late Gbadamosi was at the Ministry of Road and Transport that he facilitated the construction of the tarred road that links Ibadan-Ibarapa, the road was said to be untarred prior to his appointment.

Gbadamosi, again, as the Commissioner for Agriculture facilitated the construction of Okugba Dam, Alabi.

Reports also had it that the same Gbadamosi brought Ayete Grammar School, Ayete, when he was Education Commissioner.

History will also not forget it that Gbadamosi brought Ayete, Igboora Microfinance Banks and some other banks in Ibarapa land as Finance Commissioner.

Engr Gbadamosi built Housing Estates in Ibarapa towns when he was at the Ministry of Land and Housing. Part of such estates was said to have been located in front of the Muslim Eid playing Ground, Ayete.

What the above suggests is that Gbadomosi brought significant development to Ibarapa when he held sway at various ministries as commissioner.

Dear Hon. Fakorede, while I believe that it is of no need to cry over a spilt milk, it is my strong belief that your second coming will be to build bridges and correct the mistakes of the past.

Our school pupils need you around for mentorship. Don’t you think to that direction that your words of advice and a group picture with these pupils may be a reason for many of them never to give up on their academic pursuits?

Use your good office to facilitate those good things that are capable of putting our region on the map.

Sports activities in the region were almost non-existent until some well-to-do individuals started funding the initiatives.

Many thanks to these individuals and groups who sponsor football games and other sporting activities across the region for the benefit of the youths.

You can reach out to them and support the initiative while you use your good office to support our young talented brothers and sisters in the region to maximise their potentials. I am sure this, as a matter of fact, is not impossible to do.

Your critics from your region are not your enemies. They are the people who are tired of the status-quo. They are not the type you see their account details in your DM. All they are after is development and a working Ibarapa.

Once again, I congratulate you on your reappointment and I wish you the very best in life.

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Lekbad Column: Ibadan, The Filthy City And The Government’s Unfancied Narratives

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a Columnist with Oduduwa News, Public Opinion Analyst and Human Rights Crusader.

“.. running splash of rust,
and gold-flung and scattered,
among seven hills like,
broken china in the sun.”

The introductory poem above is crucial to this article. The poem, written by JP Clarke is an avid description of Ibadan. As expatiated by Winnie Ekwere , the poem is a quintet of running verse. The tone of the poem gives off as being off-handedly dramatic especially as the poet begins by citing the name ‘Ibadan’. He seems to criticize the look of the city by his description in the remaining four lines of the poem. Thus:

… running splash of rust and gold is used to describe the rusted zinc roof tops in Ibadan.

… scattered among seven hills alludes to the scattered and unplanned nature of the houses in the hilly city.

…like broken china in the sun paints an image in your mind of disorderliness.

and parts of broken china that are different but from the same piece.

The poem is more a sarcastic description of the town rather than what majority felt it is. Verily, a denotative interpretation of every line of the poem reveals the inner mindset of the erudite poet. Two things readily come to the mind of a stranger at the mention of Ibadan. Thuggery and Filth. As it was then, so it is now. Very filthy.The only period when the city wore a new look was during the era of late governor Ajimobi.

In the past, Gege – Olopa was famously known for indiscriminate dumping of refuse. That attitude earned the area a derogatory appellate of “Gege-Oloorun”. Incidentally, I am from the area; precisely, Ile Alagbaa, just behind Born Photo. Meanwhile, the entire city is not immuned from being referred to “Oloorun”. This article is not intended to denigrate the city but a conscious effort to awaken the consciousness of the indigenes, residents and government. We all have to be responsible and responsive.

It is quite unfortunate that Ibadan has returned to the old stinking city when offensive scent used to pervade the environments. Being the capital of Oyo State, one expects the entire areas to look decent as to depict its status but disgust is the word; when garbage heaps and dirts welcome one into the city. Instantaneously, one is tempted to ask; albeit soliloquisely, whether the government at state and local levels are on sabbatical. What a neglect of responsibility !

I was listening to a program on Agidigbo FM on a Sunday morning ( 19th September, 2021) anchored by the media Czar, Oriyomi Hamzat. A call was put through to Lagelu Local Government Chairman on the issue of refuse and flood in his area of jurisdiction. His response was a testament to the fact that the local governments are financially incapacitated to do anything meaningful. Whereas, issues like this are best solved by the councils.

I sincerely want to salute the courage and objective assessment of the situation by the media guru. He was not economical with the truth when he said that; “the fact that you are running a populist government does not forbid you from ignoring illegality.” This was an apparent response to government somewhat irresponsiveness to the current mess where refuse have littered every nook and cranny. “The late governor Ajimobi did well in the area of environmental hygiene with brute force; that did not prevent people from voting him for second term !.” Oriyomi fumed.

An examination of the menace of refuse and sewage disposal shows that government is her own problem. Those who are circumventing water ways, those erecting shanties and those who have become perpetual dumpers of refuse are not above the law. We do not need to make any further laws for; the existing extant laws are enough to prosecute the perpetrators. What really is the duty of the officials from ministry of environment ? How about the department of Urban Planning? Where are the Sanitary Inspectors? It is obvious that all what the government needs are at her disposal. The only thing lacking is political will.

State government cannot be everywhere. They are not an island. You need to loosen the rope on the neck of the councils so that they could function optimally.
CDAs and Local governments are suppose to do this but the refusal of the state to allow councils’ autonomy is not helping matter. Even, the officials of the ministries that are responsible for sanitation do compromise. Once they are financially induced, they pretend not to see anything. Urban planning department are also culpable. Sabotage everywhere.

In conclusion, the weekly sanitation exercise on every Thursday is a good way to tackle this peculiar mess only if the offenders are made to face the music. Government should also be ready to step on toes. The motor parks and market traders within the city are contributory factors to the dirty environments. All these activities should be banned.
It is laughable and disgusting that the traders and commuters have always ignored government directives on vacation order. What a ridicule ! It takes political will to enforce an order. Prevention is better than cure. Let all us do the right thing to avoid epidemic.

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Attempt By FG To Amend VAT Law Will Fail, Says Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, on Friday described the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) by state governments as a settled deal.

He believes those resisting the collection of VAT by states in place of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) would fail, despite the court order directing parties in the dispute to maintain status quo pending the determination of the suit before it.

“Our (the states’) position is that having looked at the law, it is there clearly for us to see that taxation, or what we call consumption taxes, falls within the purview of a state, and only a state can charge consumption taxes,” said the governor who was a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“And I believe that those who are against it know of it. If they don’t know, people will not be rushing to the National Assembly for an amendment that will not see the light of the day; it will be dead on arrival.”

Governor Akeredolu spoke a day after he presided over a meeting of the southern governors – as the chairman of the forum – in Enugu State.

At the meeting held on Thursday, the governors reviewed the state of the nation and the progress of implementation of the decisions reached in the previous sittings of the forum.

They reaffirmed their commitment to fiscal federalism and resolved to support the position that the collection of VAT was within the powers of the states.

Giving further updates on the meeting, Governor Akeredolu explained that the resolution of the forum regarding the collection of VAT was not a new position.

“What we did yesterday was to go back to our position in the Asaba Declaration,” he said. “In Asaba, we made it very clear without mincing words that we are committed to the practice of true federalism; that is all we are saying, and fiscal federalism is part of true federalism.

“So, there is no need for us to run away from it. There are many more states that will join and there are some that will not join because at the end of the day, whatever we arrive at, they will be binding on all the states and what the southern governors have resolved is not new.”

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Opinion: Attack On NDA; The Show Of Insecurity Worsening By The Day || Adesina Julius

It is quite unfortunate that a country which offered so much in hope and possibilities for its citizens at independence has today become a land of suffering, insecurity and near hopelessness.

The attack on Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) has further affirmed that the security architecture of the country has collapsed and no one is safe. Obviously, the virulent voices of discontent are everywhere signalling a break off this marriage of inconvenience called ‘Nigeria’. Or, where is the common identity where freedom of movement amongst citizens is without threats and fear in virtually all the parts of the country?

I see the attack on NDA as an affront, which was a deliberate attempt to ridicule Nigeria and the intelligence of the Nigeria security agencies.

The heinous activities of the so called Bandits is gradually taking another dimension and the government has shown to be irresponsible with their continued silence on their atrocities in killing, maiming and kidnapping on a daily basis.

At a point like this, I’m forced to resolved that Nigeria is not defined as a country by the lives of citizens, their safety and welfare but it is defined and counted as one as far as it can still generate IGR, take loans to give President Buhari and his fellow politicians the kind of lifestyle they want. Nigerians especially the large parts of northern have experienced so much in the hands of bandits and terrorists. They have made a lot of people orphans, destitutes and ruined a lot of businesses.

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, time to act is now, because every proclamation of a technical victory over the insurgents is quickly followed by a resurgence. It is high time the government needs to treat this issue of banditry as an all-out war against the state and direct its security apparatus to completely decimate them and bring this to a close.

The days of treating this issue with kids gloves, where notable clerics go into the forest for photo ops with bandits and serve as their unofficial mouthpieces, should end. The President should order the Chief of Defense Staff to match military might and actions in getting to the root of this scourge.

We cannot, as a nation, sit and fold our arms as this bandits keep maiming and kidnapping the innocent souls on daily basis. Mr President and the Military Officer’s should approach this banditry scourge with the urgency that it requires, showing the Nigerian people that it is still alive to its primary responsibility as defined by the constitution, which is the protection of lives and property of it’s citizens.

The Major. General should speak the language they understand to them.

Adesina Julius (Prestige) write from Igbeti, Oke Ogun area of Oyo State.

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Eidel-Kabir: Give Alms Not Arms ~ BY Lekan Badmus

By: Comrade Lekan Badmus.

Alm is defined as something given freely to the needy and the less – privileged. It is a charismatic gift to; not only the vulnerable but those in dire needs. Alm is an act of extending love to the others and it is something that must be given with lots of enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, giving alm in anticipation of returns is a negation of the spirit and tenets of alm. Alm is devoid of reciprocation. It is not a gesture that should be seen as trade by barter. The intent of alm is to bring succour and palliative to the poor.

In Islam, alm is the third of the five pillars of Islam. It is called ZAKAT. The other four are: Sahada ( absolute faith in the oneness and supremacy of Allah) Salat( prayer) Sawm(fasting during Ramadan) and Hajj( pilgrimage).

Zakat is accepted by Muslims globally irrespective of ethnic, regional or sectarian differences. It is charitable and considered obligatory. A Muslim does not need to be a millionaire before he could give alms.

The religious practice of Islam is based on the five pillars to which every Muslim should adhere. They are fundamental expression of Islam beliefs.

Armed on the other hand is a situation where people are equipped with weapons. A person who is armed is given an order to attack. This order may be warped in sinister or primordial motive.

Armed in the context of this article is not the legal security operatives who are constitutionally armed to defend the corporate existence of the nation and protect citizens lives and properties.

While ALM is humanitarian, ARMED is destructive. Alm signifies humane feeling but armed breeds chaos, anarchy and throws caution into the wind.

ISLAM is synonymous with PEACE.

However, peace seems to have eluded the nation. The incessant attacks and general insecurity in the land is worrisome. This has retarded the growth of individuals, corporate organizations and the nation. DisgustingIy, most of the crises plaguing the nation are orchestrated. However, it is un-Islamic for any Muslim to incite and instigate violence under whatever pretence. It is archaic and myopic to ascribe violence to JIHAD. The essence of JIHAD is for Muslims to be agents of desirable changes. We have got to be at the forefront of reorientation of values and virtues.

The Ileya festival has afforded us another opportunity to search our conscience and reconcile with Allah. To err is human. Every human being is infallible and an embodiment of woes cum inequities. We are not saints and so have to show remorse. Confess our sins and request for forgiveness with the mindset never to sin anymore.

Ileya should not be restricted to merriment. It calls for sober reflection and pensive mood.

None of us has the wherewithal to fight for God. In what capacity ? Have you removed the tick on your eyes before attempting to remove from others’ eyes! Who tells you are righteous!

Semi Allahu moni- hamida.

On a finality, every Muslim needs to respect the constituted authorities – our leaders. From the president to the governors and the Kings. We should be guided by Quranic injunctions. The leaders and followers have a great and complementary roles to play. Act well your part.

Islam does not forbid us from criticising the policies of the governnents but it has to be a constructive one. Our actions should not be channelled towards pulling any leader down. Our sense of reasoning and logic should not be blindfolded by politics and religious sentiment.

Government on the other hand should justify the confidence reposed in them by the voters. Fear of God should be your watchword. Your ascension to that coveated seat is not as a result of your political dexterity and sagacity. It is never by your wisdom.

Your Excellencies and Royal majesties, you are not qualified. God qualified you.

May Allah Continue to be our pathfinder and may peace and development in all ramifications sprout in the land.

Ma Salam !

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a freelance writer and public opinion analyst.

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Residents, Motorists Cry To FG In Osun Over Abandoned Road Project

Residents of Ilobu,Ifon-Osun and Erin-Osun and motorists plying Osogbo-Ogbomoso have cried to the Federal Government to help in completing the abandoned road.

Those who spoke with InsightMedian on Tuesday expressed fear over the state of the road as Eid-el-kabir sallah approaches.
Motorists were specific about the entry and exit points of the Erinle bridge, Olobu market area up to Ifon-Osun.Many described these points as death traps, adding that accidents occur on daily basis.

One of the residents, Wasiu Lanre Babalola said motorists spend up to 30 minutes on the bridge due to State of the road.He called on the Federal government to bring the contractor handling the road project back to the site.

“The road has become a death trap.we record crashes there on daily basis.Moreso, motorists spend up to 30 minutes on the bridge as a result of bad road and narrowness of the bridge.

This has affected the movement of vehicles greatly, like today (Tuesday) now, there was an accident in the morning and queue has started pilling up.This becomes worse on market days,”Babalola said.

“We call on the federal government to bring the contractor back to the site.moreso,they should hasten work on the bridge. It has taken too much time”

A commercial driver, Jelili Olawale told InsightMedia that commuters plying the road apart from spending much time, they also spend hugely on spare parts as a result of poor road network.

“We spend too much on the road also spend huge amount on spare parts every week as a result of this bad road.Look at water everywhere.when they started,we thought they would complete it but they have abandoned it for long time.

Even the areas they do are becoming dilapidated again.we urge President Muhammad Buahari and Governor Adegboyega Oyetola to help us out.The suffering here is too much.”visible angry Olawale said.
When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of Ilobu-Asake Development Union (IDU), Alabi Kazeem said road from Erinle bridge to Ifon-Osun has been so bad.

Alabi also called on the contractor handling the bridge project to complete the levelling up the other side to allow partial movement during the Ileya festival in order to ease movement on the around the area.

“We as a community appeal to the federal government to help us with the started in 2013 and we’re still on it till today.we want to bring the contractor back to the site to complete it.we also want to appeal to the contractor handling the bridge to help complete the levelling up on the other side so that vehicles can pass during the festive period. He can block it again after the festival”.

….. We’re taking over the road-Osun Govt
When contacted, the commissioner for works and Transports, Engr Remi Omowaiye said the administration of Governor Gboyega Oyetola has concluded plans to take over the road project from the Lameco junction to Ifon-Osun.
Omowaiye said the contractor which has started since 2013 is taking too much time and the state government will get the road done as soon as possible.

We’re taking over the reconstruction of that road from Lameco junction to Ifon-Osun. Plans has been concluded and we shall commence work as soon as possible.

“The project has started since year 2013 and taking too much we will take over and start afresh,”Omowaiye said.

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Eidel-Kabir: FG Declares Tuesday, Wednesday Public Holidays

The Federal Government has declared Tuesday July 20 and Wednesday July 21, 2021, as public holidays to mark this year’s Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, congratulates all Muslim faithful and Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora on this occasion.

“I call on Muslims to continue to imbibe the spirit of love, peace, kindness and sacrifice, as exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and to also use the period to pray for peace, unity, prosperity and the stability of the country, considering the challenges of insecurity we face at the moment. These mainly are bandits in the North West and North Central, insurgents in the North East, kidnappers, armed robbers, ethnic agitators and sundry criminals in other parts of the country” Aregbesola added.

The Minister assured that the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is “committed to the security of lives and property of every Nigerian, empowering the citizens for successful living, the provisions of social investments programmes and adequate security in the schools, especially with the spate of innocent school children being targets of kidnapping” he added.

Aregbesola, while wishing Muslim faithfuls a happy Eid-el Kabir celebration, advised all Nigerians to take responsibility by reporting any suspicious individuals and criminal activities to law enforcement agencies, especially during this festival.

He also enjoined on all Nigerians the observance of all Covid-19 protocols, particularly the non-pharmaceutical measures – wearing facemasks, hand washing and social distancing – designed to keep transmission of the disease at bay. “We must all take responsibility for containment of the pandemic during this year’s festival” he said.

The Minister sympathises with the families of school children who have been kidnapped or suffered one misfortune or another. “Our hearts and prayers of comfort are with you” Aregbesola said.

Happy Eid-el Kabir celebration. God bless Nigeria
Dr. Shuaib Belgore
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Interior
16th July, 2021

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