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Oyetola’s Loyalists Behind Destruction Of Adeleke’s Billboards – Osun PDP Claims

Waterfield Luxury Hotel, Akobo, Ibadan

The Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State has described the destruction of Senator Ademola Adeleke campaign billboards in several parts of Osogbo and other parts of Osun state as barbaric and dangerous plot to cause political crisis.

In a statement on Thursday by the caretaker committee of Osun PDP warned that the resort to violence and the desperation to prevent Osun people from making their leadership choice in the upcoming governorship election will backfire as the people are more than ready to ensure that their rights to choose who administer their affairs is not tampered with.

We must inform the whole world of a clandestine plan to unleash violence on Osun state by those who already feel rejected by overwhelming number of voters, thinking that this will scare them away from exercising their franchise on July 16. One of such plot is the willful destruction of Senator Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke billboards to reverse the the increasing acceptability of the PDP Candidate all parts of the state.

Let us, for the purpose of emphasis, warn those behind this plot that they will be matched, not necessarily by equal measure of violence but whatever it takes legally to resist such attempt as to intimidate the good people of Osun State or coerce them into submission.

This will mean we will not hesitate to mobilize Osun people against the violence that is being promoted by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). It is on this note that we want to urge the whole world to hold the APC responsible for any breakdown of law and order in Osun as we will no longer watch destruction of billboards or any other attack on our campaign materials go without a response.

Osun people can attest to the fact that our campaign has been peaceful so far. In all our campaign so far we did not involve in any kind of destruction or attack, but kept focus on our message of hope and revival of Osun state and the suffering masses.

We know so well how much our rescue mission mean to Osun people and how such message had constituted a thorn in the flesh of the clueless APC but we will not allow their violence take shape as we are not unaware such show of frustration is the last kick of a dying horse of Apc take away expectations of Osun people.

Let the APC not mistaken our peaceful disposition for cowardness, and we must warn that we will no longer condone their deliberate provocations. We are peace loving but will not be cowed by those who think the only route to leadership is violence. Osun people will not accept this barbarity anymore.

We must also call on security agencies to rise up to their primary responsibilities and ensure that political thugs do not have a field day in their act of destructions.

We must again remind the security agencies of our earlier warning to the fact that the APC already built an army of thugs to use in the upcoming governorship election, and the need for security agencies to take necessary actions to stop them before they throw Osun State into unimaginable chaos.

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9th Oyo Assembly 3rd Anniversary: It’s 3years of Quality Legislations, Uncommon Achievements ~ Oyo Assembly

As the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly marks its 3rd year Anniversary, it has described the journey so far as eventful, impactful and outstanding.

This is just as the lawmakers say they have recorded uncommon achievements which have surpassed the records of past Assemblies in Oyo State.

A statement signed on behalf of all the 32 lawmakers by the Chairman House Committee on Information, Hon Kazeem Olayanju felicitated with the Assembly on the anniversary.

According to him, the sincerity of purpose demonstrated by all the Oyo Assembly lawmakers from day one and their uncommon diligence and commitment to their legislative duties led to the achievements and feats being applauded today.

The Statement read ” Today makes it 3years since we took oath of office as Oyo State House of Assembly lawmakers. Ours has been a wonderful, dynamic, cohesive and result-driven team and this why we have broken record as the Assembly with the highest number of bills and resolutions passed in the annals of history of our dear state. As we speak we have over 86 bills and 148 resolutions to our credit. That’s surely not a mean feat. It is a collective effort and the glory is for everyone of us. Despite the belonging to different political parties we have been working harmoniously since our inauguration and the results are not only visible to the blinds, they are also audible to the deaf.” Hon Olayanju said

Some of the bills passed in 2019 included Oyo State Investment Promotion Agency Bill,
Oyo State Anti-Corruption Agency Bill,
Oyo State Open Rearing & Grazing Regulation Bill,
Ministry of Finance Bill,
Ministry of Establishments & Training Bill,
Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development Bill,
Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development Bill,
Ministry of Energy Bill,
Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Inclusion Bill,
Ministry of Special Duties Bill,
Ministry of Investment, Trade, Industries & Cooperatives Bill,
Ministry of Public Works & Transport Bill,
Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Bill and
Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism Bill,

He also highlighted few of the bills passed by the Oyo State House of Assembly in 2020 to include Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism Bill, Dogs (Amendment) Bill, Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Bill, Child Sexual Offences Bill, Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency Bill, Oyo State Appropriation Bill,
Oyo State Finance Bill, Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa Amendment Bill, College of Education Lanlate, Oyo State Amendment Bill and Oyo State Security Network Agency Bill

The Chairman House Committee on Information stated further that notable bills like Oyo State Open Defecation Prohibition Bill, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Response Agency & Referral Center Bill, Oyo State Enterprises & Employment Trust Fund Bill, Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission Bill, Oyo State House of Assembly Funds Management Bill, Elderly Persons Protection Bill, Infrastructure Maintenance & Control Agency Amendment Bill and Hotel Occupancy & Restaurant Consumption Tax Bill were passed in 2021 while few had equally been passed in 2022.

” We surely have a lot to showcase as members of the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly. And it is not out of place to mention that not less than 40 oversight functions were successfully carried out by the lawmakers in the last 3years. They include Oversight visits to some water projects in Oyo State, Oversight visits to all the 33 LGA’s on the status of earth moving equipments in the councils, Adhoc Committee Assignment on the need to find lasting solutions to perennial problem of gang violence in some neighborhood around Ibadan South West 1 Constituency, Oversight visit to the abandoned Strabag Quarry, Adegbayi Ibadan, Joint Committee work on ongoing road projects in the State as well as Ibadan Circular road and Oversight visit to Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) over reported cases of estimated billings. There were equally the screening of different nominees and members for government appointments and for different boards, agencies and parastatals ” Hon Olayanju said

He stressed that the Oyo Assembly lawmakers have written their names in gold adding that the 148 motions and resolutions passed by the Assembly are too numerous to be mentioned in the statement.

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MAO On Thursday: The Not Too Young To Run Bill And The Hypocrisy Of The Nigerian Ruling Political Class


The drafters of the Nigerian constitution committed a vicious act of segregation unheard of an advanced political climates, despite the provisions of section 42 of the constitution which safeguard Nigerians from discrimination on the basis of ethnic group, place of origin, sex or political orientation, the constitution notwithstanding went ahead to impose a flagrant discrimination through sections 65, 106, 131 and 177 of the Constitution.

These discriminations were to impose age restriction on Nigerians desirous of contesting for public offices in the Senate, the State Houses of Assembly, the presidency and the governorship elections respectively.

RECRUITMENT: Ready To Earn Extra Income, GAMUT Invites Applicants

Section 35 of the constitution provides for the age of 35 years for eligibility to contest for a senatorial seat, section 106 provides a limitation of the age of 30 years for contesting a seat in the state House of Assembly, section 131 provides a limitation of 40 years for contesting for the position of the president and section 177 provides a limitation of 35 years for contesting for the position of a Governor.

These unfair legal provisions have become the stumbling block, among other factors, for most Nigerians, especially the youth population who according to the latest statistics of the voters registration carried out by INEC, constitute a staggering 74% of the new registered voters in 2022, along with comparable figures for already existing voters.

This state of affairs was deemed to require urgent attention as far back as 2017 when the Not Too Young To Run bill sponsored by the Tony Nwulu in the House of Representatives and AbdulAziz Nyako in the Senate, and was subsequently signed into law by president Muhammadu Buhari on May 31, 2018. The purport of this Act of parliament was to amend the age restriction provided by sections 65, 106, 131 and 177 of the Constitution. The legislation brought down the age qualification for President from 40 to 30 as formerly contained in section 131 of the constitution, from 30 to 25 for the House of Representatives and States’ House of Assembly as formerly contained in sections 65 (1) b and 106 of the constitution. The Act however, did not change the age qualification for governorship and Senate; as both were reserved at 35 years.

Wide jubilation and commendation across the Niger greeted the passage of this law, but the expectations birthed by such jubilations have since given way to pessimism as the familiar evils of our democracy epitomised by the old order has shown up to reverse the gains of the Not Too Young to Run Act 2018. The Not Too Young to Run law is only a smokescreen that disguises the acidic problems at the heart of degenerating politics in Nigeria. This include essential issues like money politics, godfatherism, election malpractices and corruption; as well as the dysfunctional arrangements of the nation’s democratic amalgam and the skewed economic disparity between the enormous old ruling class and the calculatingly pauperised youths by the same criminal political elite.

It has emerged to the consciousness of Nigerians through the caricature primaries of the two dominant political associations in Nigeria, that the Not Too Young to Run law is a platform for facilitating the continued domination of the already beleaguered Nigerian youth by the old political order and the succession of themselves by their own offspring, educated in ivy league institutions around the world. This scheme has been made easy by the over bloated nomination and expression of interest forms culmunating into millions of naira which are only affordable by the children of the high and the mighty, to the much publicized monetization of the party electoral primary process, all culminating in the emergence of the Ajimobis, the Fayoses, the Okowas, the Sule Lamidos, the real and genuine beneficiaries of the Not Too Young to Run law.
For context, the Erhiatake Ibori-Suenu, the daughter of erstwhile Governor of Delta state James Ibori won a PDP House of Representatives ticket for Ethiope federal Constituency in the State. Idris Abiola-Ajimobi, the son of former Oyo state Governor Abiola Ajimobi, 30 years old, won the APC House of Assembly ticket to contest Ibadan South West 2 State Constituency. Bello El-rufai, 34 years old, the son of Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-rufai won the APC ticket to contest the Kaduna North Federal Constituency House of Representatives seat.

Marlyn Okowa-Daramola in her early 30s, daughter of Ifeayin Okowa, Governor of Delta state won the PDP House of Assembly ticket to represent Ika North East State House of Assembly seat in Delta. Joju Fayose, 30 years old son of former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose won the PDP House of Representatives ticket to represent Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 1. In the case of Sule Lamido former Jigawa state Governor, his son Mustapha Sule-Lamido 39 years old won the Jigawa State PDP Gubernatorial ticket. While Mohammed Sani-Abacha, the son of late military dictator, General Sani Abacha won the PDP gubernatorial ticket in Kano state.

Fom the plethora of evidences stated above, it is now obvious to discerning Nigerians who the real beneficiaries of the Not Too Young to Run Law are, needless to emphasise that the law in itself was sponsored in the senate by Abdulaziz Murtala Nyako, a son of a former Governor of Adamawa state.

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Adebayo Adelabu Officially Joins Accord Party

The Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Bayo Adelabu, has joined the Nigerian Accord Party.

The All Progressives Congress’s (APC) Gubernatorial candidate for 2019 stated that the Accord Party of Nigeria supports his ideas.

Adelabu stated that he will now proceed to the party.

On Thursday, he made this known in a statement that he personally signed and made available to reporters.

It reads: “A time exists in the life of a sincere aspiring man of the public when events and circumstances lesson the operation of his mind onto new decision, new desire and new determination. Such time now finds expression in my political career which necessities vital change, fundamental decision and refreshing determination

“It is therefore on this basis that I hereby declare the withdrawal of my membership from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ACCORD Party of Nigeria (ACCORD). This is the political platform upon which my gubernatorial ambition shall be pursued to actualization by the guidance and grace of the Almighty Allah.

“It is needless to restate in details, reason for relinquishing my APC membership on the point that such reason is public knowledge. The man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of blatant injustice and the life of a lie is a matter of little time. Evil people struggle in vain in their conspiracy against their innocent fellowman because malice is a poor match for destiny. What is important above all is that my leaders, supporters and teeming people of Oyo State are hereby assured of my determination never to disappoint them in the pursuit of my gubernatorial ambition to reality by the Will of God. I wish to present my humble self for the Political Liberation Movement to rescue our pacesetting state from the bad operation of clueless and inept people in Government and in the other Party. We shall together inaugurate a new Era of peace and Progress in our Dear State in line with my 7-Point Agenda when I become the Executive Governor by God’s Grace in 2023.

“There is accord for our Vision in the ACCORD PARTY of Nigeria. We hereby move to therein accordingly.”

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Constituents Drums Support for Honourable Akintunde Olajide aka AKT

The constituents of Lagelu State Constituency on Saturday 21st of May 2022 pledged their support for the reelection of Hon. Olajide Akintunde, AKT- Honourable member representing Lagelu State Constituency at the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly.

According to comr. Adisa Yakub Omotayo who spoke on behalf of the concerned youths in the constituents states that Hon. AKT has demonstrated high level of leadership skills in the execution of his primary responsibility as a law maker and his numerous empowerment and developmental program for the people of the Local Government.

Passing the vote of confidence, Comrade Adisa described Hon. AKT as a successful parliamentarian who understand the needs of his people and the only way to encourage him is to ensure that he get the return ticket.

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Pandemonium As Okada Riders Protest Death Of Member In Osogbo

A serious road traffic collision involving a commercial biker, a minibus, and a tipper on the Lameco-Okinni route has degenerated into uncontrollable protests along the axis.

According to reports, the protests were between minibus (korope) drivers and commercial motorcycle riders known as Okada riders.

Waterfield Luxury Hotel, Akobo, Ibadan.

Tobiloba Ali, an eyewitness, said in a message to ODUDUWA NEWS, “It was a fatal one indeed, I had to come down from the minibus when the bikers wanted to assault us.” The korope and a tipper were among the three passengers on the bike who were involved in the accident. The incident claimed a life, according to a witness.”

Another eyewitness, Agboola Adeleke, stated that a motorist, Sariyahu Jamiu, and Rashidat Hassan, escaped being attacked by enraged commercial motorcyclists who were protesting the loss of one of their Okada riders.

He said the affected road ha been blocked by suspected hoodlums and all the escape routes were surrounded by touts before the residents and business owners called on the Osun State Police Command and other security agencies to take urgent action to curtail further escalation.

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Okada Raid: Traditional Ruler, Oniru Alerts Public Of Plans To Attack Lekki

Waterfield Luxury Hotel, Akobo, Ibadan.

His Royal Majesty, the Oniru of Iru Land, Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal (Abisogun II) has cautioned Lagosians, most especially residents in the Lekki axis of the state about possible attacks by commercial motorcyclists known as okada riders.

This warning follows the raid of some riders by operatives of the Lagos State Taskforce on Monday in Lekki where a sound engineer, David Imoh, was allegedly murdered over N100 change.

In a statement dated 18 May, 2022 and signed by the Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Office, the king said the intelligence is from their security services provider and said the aim of disclosing the information is not for residents to panic but follow precaution measures.

The statement did not in any way prevent operators of public places to halt operations but however advises individuals, owners and managers of public places to be cautious and put in place the necessary security measures.

The statement reads, “Intelligence report reaching us is that following the raid on Okada riders and seizure of their bikes in Lekki Phase 1, the riders believed the action was instigated by Lekki residents who are determined to take away their source of livelihood.

“To this end, there are plans to invade inner streets to cause havoc anytime from now in Lekki.”

The king recalled that his palace was among the first people to hint about the #EndSARS protest due to its intelligence gathering.

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Rigging Allegation: Oshiomhole is Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Fayemi

Waterfield Luxury Hotel, Akobo, Ibadan.

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State and Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has denied the allegation by the former National Chairman of the Party, Comrade Adams Oshiomole that he once begged that election be rigged in his favour

Fayemi in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Hon. Yinka Oyebode said that the allegation which was made on a national television, was not only false, puerile and laughable, it was a figment of the imagination of the former APC Chairman.

He affirmed that Governor Fayemi had never asked Oshiomhole to rig any election for him or any other person and never had any reason to ask for such, urging members of the public to disregard the allegations by Comrade Oshiomhole.

According to Oyebode, Oshiomole apparently is still experiencing a post traumatic stress disorder on account of his removal as Chairman of APC which he said Dr Fayemi was not responsible for.

The statement reads “The Ekiti State Governor has always considered Comrade Oshiomhole a friend and political associate even if they had fundamental differences over his kangaroo approach of disqualifying Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, from the APC primaries and his unconscionable autocratic management of party affairs whilst he was chairman of the party.

“For avoidance of doubt, Governor Fayemi has no reason to approach Comrade Oshiomhole for favours for any election. Governor Fayemi has a stellar track record of being a consummate democrat even in difficult times.

“Many Nigerians can easily recall his historic concession speech in 2014 in an election that was clearly lost to electoral sleight of hand at the behest of the then People’s democratic Party (PDP) –led Federal Government.

“Others will also recall how he spent years in court patiently pursuing the retrieval of his stolen mandate between 2007 and 2010. He has demonstrated nothing but decency, decorum and fidelity to the rule of law in all his years in politics and public office.

“We challenge Mr Oshiomhole to provide the public with independently verifiable evidence of his unsubstantiated claims, if true.

Oyebode said Governor Fayemi remains steadfast in the pursuit of his aspiration to get the APC ticket for the 2023 presidential election. No amount of mudslinging from disenchanted individuals would distract or discourage him.

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Muhammad Tolerated Insults From Non-Muslims: Killing Of Deborah Unjustifiable – Oyo FOMWAN

Waterfield Luxury Hotel, Akobo, Ibadan

As reactions continue to trail the alleged burning to death of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto State over allegation of blasphemy, the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN Oyo State chapter has described the action of the killers of the young lady as wrong, inexcusable, condemnable and unjustifiable in the teaching and legal system of Islam.

The Association in a statement issued and signed by its State Amirah, Alhaja (Dr) B.B Oloso said the video of the gruesome murder of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto female student by a mob circulated on social media was disturbing, traumatizing and pathetic.

This is just as the Association insisted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was insulted, assaulted and attacked in the course of delivering his message by the pagans but he was lenient, patient and tolerant of them all.

Oyo FOMWAN appealed to Nigerians to put an end to killings in the name of religion, ethnic or tribal sentiment.

According to the Oyo State Amirah, Government should do more in prosecuting and punishing people who kill in the name of religion, ethnic or tribal group to serve as deterrent to others hence it called for justice for Deborah Samuel.

” Just as we are demanding justice for Deborah Samuel, we are demanding justice for others killed like her. The case of Habeeb Idris shot and killed in February by some touts of Baptist High School, Oyun in Kwara State is still unresolved.” She said

The Amirah who appealed to all adherents of different religions to tolerate one another and also respect the teachings of the various creeds stressed that whatever is sacred or sacrosanct to different religions should be treated as such by everyone.

” The killing of Miss Deborah Samuel by some aggrieved and angry people over an alleged blasphemous comment on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which she posted on a WhatsApp group was wrong in its entirety. Oyo FOMWAN expresses its condolences to the family of the young lady and calls for indepth investigation into the incident with a view to bringing those involved in the mob action to book.

“Our Prophet, and indeed other Prophets and Messengers of Allah before him, were mocked, insulted and laughed at. This is mentioned in several places in the Quran. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was called a mad man by the pagans in Mecca. Allah says in Quran 48 : 9 that there never came to them a Messenger but was mocked at by his people. There are many instances where in the history of Islam the Holy Prophet Muhammad forgave his worst enemies.

” The story of Abdullah ‘bn Ubay who called Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the most wretched person readily comes to mind. What did he do to the abuser? He did virtually nothing except for the son of the abuser who requested to kill his father but the Prophet did not permit it.

“One time the Holy Prophet was sitting in the company of Abubakar his best friend when some unbelievers came and started abusing and hurling insults at Abubakar cursing him, his father, mother and entire family. Abubakar just sat down quietly without uttering a word. When those people realized Abubakar did not respond, they started cursing the Prophet. At that point, Abubakar could not bear it any longer because of his love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So he got up and was about to fight the people but the Prophet got up too and started walking away.

” Abubakar was confused. He did not know whether to fight the people or follow the Prophet. So he decided to follow the Prophet and when he got to him and asked why he left. The Prophet said while they were cursing you Angels surrounded us saying Abubakar was committed to the truth. But as soon as you stood up, the Angels flew away and i will not sit in a company where there are no Angels. The Prophet in this story thought Abubakar to be patient in the face of provocation, castigation and even denigration.” Alhaja Oloso recalled.

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Opinion: Weep Not Child, Senator Kola Balogun ~ Lekan Badmus

It is an incontrovertible fact that every man is a selfish being. That is a law of natural justice. This aptly informs my vehement objection to the biblical admonition of ” Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”( Mark 12:31)
The injunction here is practically impossible unless we want to be economical with the truth. It is an opium. This admonition is a sharp contrast to the Yoruba maxim that; ‘ Bi’na ba jo’ni, j’omo eni, t’ara eni, la a koko gbon”. The interpretation goes thus: it is logical to quench the raging fire on oneself before attempting to quench the fire on one’s son.

Globally, politics is about interest and alliance. Alliance could be swayed but interest remains sacrosanct.

People dabble into politics for numerous reasons. Numero uno, the quest for power tops the reason. Intention to impact on lives through good governance trails behind.

Succinctly, every politician adopted various strategy: mathematical and diplomatic, to curry favour and attract sympathy.

Arguably, a significant number of politicians are gluttonous. However, the fact that many of them are callous and dubious does not foreclose the fact that some are relatively good. The word ‘relatively’ is intentional, purposeful.
Few days ago, I stumbled on the vituperation of the embattled senator Kola Balogun representing Oyo south senatorial district. I was captivated when I saw his reaction which I had been expecting, consequent upon his “disenfranchisement” to return to the senate. His reaction was conveyed and publicized by Oduduwa News, a reputable media.

So, one could imagine the interest I would divert to peruse such explanation from the horse’s mouth. His case is of paramount importance to me as a freelance and a public opinion analyst who cherish balance reportage.

So, one could imagine the interest I would divert to peruse such explanation from the horse’s mouth. His case is of paramount importance to me as a freelancer, human right crusader and a public opinion analyst who cherish balance reportage. I don’t engage in jungle journalism but care no hoot to say it, the way it is. Undiluted. No matter whose ox is gored.

Background to his Anger

In a bid to assert authority and reposition himself for the next election, the executive governor of the state, Engineer Seyi Makinde had entered into a political contractual bargaining with Chief Tegbe. It is not a misnormer to appease, entice and lure politicians with clout. Pedigree differs.

In view of the alliance, the governor, in his wisdom, had promised a senatorial ticket for the big fish from the ocean of APC. In reminiscence, Chief Tegbe was a staunch APC member and an uncompromised ally of former governor Ajimobi. The relationship between the late governor and chief Tegbe was so cordial that the former was the initial heir apparent and the anointed candidate of the tooth-gapped late governor. Power play from the above denied Chief Tegbe, otherwise, he would have been the APC flagbearer then.

As a human being, he never forgot the shortchange. Seemingly, he was embittered with venomous innuendoes. Therefore, because every man is selfish, one could not blame him for accepting the offer of the governor especially when it was not sure that he would be made the APC candidate come 2023.

Governor Makinde had previously wanted to snatch Oyo north senatorial ticket from Chief Bisi Ilaka who was the former Chief of staff to the governor. Yours sincerely had written on that; referring to Ilaka as “the most unfortunate loyal party man” in an article; ” Ilakaka Bisi Ilaka”. Despite serial disappointments, the Oyo – born politician never decamped from PDP. The governor met him in PDP. I make bold to say that.

Fortune however smiled on the bearded Chief when the governor reverted; opting instead to deny Senator Balogun who had enjoyed a term. So, the younger brother to the newly-crowned Olubadan became the eventual victim. ‘Ori wa ko ni gba abode.’

It is not unusual therefore that senator Balogun would react. Pinch yourself with a needle to fill the reflex action before you inflict such on others.
The vituperation
“…Governor Makinde reportedly made some claims that I am not performing and that I am not taking care of the party leaders in the nine local government areas in Oyo South Senatorial District.

“As a Christian, can he swear with the Holy Bible and with his life that those were the real and principal reasons he took that decision? I challenge him to publicly swear before the PDP stakeholders; before the people of Ibadan, Oyo South Senatorial District and the entire state that he took that decision solely because of the reasons stated in the report. If he can do this, I will come back to openly apologise to him.

“The allegation of non-performance against me is puerile. The record of my performance and achievements is in the public domain and it is hereby attached to this

Governor Makinde was pressured by some powerful cartel in his Guest House who were of the fear that having a Balogun as the Olubadan and another Balogun as a senator would be too strong for the governor to control.”

The reaction above was encapsulated in a title; ” Why Makinde denied me second term senatorial ticket”. The nagging question is : why won’t he deny you?!

Senator Balogun needs to be conscious of two facts upon which I will draw the curtain on this piece. One, you may be good but some people may be better than you. Secondly, the governor cannot love you more than himself. He has his own interest as a sane man. For crying loud , he cannot prioritise you at his own detriment. Such would be at his own peril. It is though unfortunate that you have been traded but that is politics.

So, weep not ! If every other qualified person could have just a term, it would go round. It is not proper to castigate the governor publicly if the manner with which your elder brother ascended the throne is reverted to. If God had not used the governor, Senator Ladoja and destiny, the royal stool would have remained elusive to Ali-Iwo descendants.

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a columnist with Oduduwa News.

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