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Nigeria Crashes Out Of AFCON 2021 After A Defeat To Tunisia

Nigeria is out of African Cup of Nations AFCON tournament after a 1-0 loss vs. Tunisia in the round of 16…🇭🇰🇳🇬

Youssef Msakni fired the shot which condemned the Super Eagles of Nigeria to 1-0 defeat against Tunisia.

Fans on social media are however blaming Super Eagles goalkeeper, Maduka Okoye claiming he should have saved the ball.

Many are saying that the goalkeeper disappointed with the goal he conceded.

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AFCON: Eagles to get $250,000 if they lift trophy in Cameroon, Otedola promises

Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has promised the Super Eagles squad $250,000, if they lift the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, who represented CACOVID during a visit to the team’s camp in Cameroon, made the disclosure.

He also said the private sector-led platform established to assist the government in combating Coronavirus in the country, will also give the Super Eagles team $120,000 for the six goals they scored in the group stage of the tournament.

Recall, the Eagles finished the group stage with six goals, which amounted to $120,000.

Emefiele, who praised the team for their performance at the AFCON, also added that CACOVID has increased the amount for every goal scored to $50,000 in the round of 16.

“I came with a message from the CACOVID. The CACOVID is the coalition of private-sector companies that was set up to fight COVID-19 in Nigeria and they have been happy with the performance of the team,” Emefiele said.

“During the meeting, I had with the captain (Ahmed Musa) and the coach (Austin Eguavoen), I delivered a message from CACOVID and the message is that, for every goal that is scored, the team will receive the naira equivalent of $20,000 so far, you have earned for yourself the naira equivalent of $120,000.

“We held a CACOVID meeting again because everyone is overjoyed for everything you’ve done so far, CACOVID has asked me to raise the ante.

“From the round of 16, for every goal scored, you will earn for yourselves as a team the naira equivalent of $50,000.

“Also, Femi Otedola, who is a member of CACOVID, has asked me to tell you that if you lift the trophy, he has in the bank for you, the naira equivalent of $250,000. This is just the beginning and I can assure you that if you win your round of 16 games, another promise might be made,” Emefiele added.

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JUST IN: 3SC Football Club Loses General Manager, Rasheed Balogun

General Manager of 3SC Football Club of Oyo State, Alhaji Rasheed Balogun has passed away on Thursday night.

Rasheed Balogun died at age 62.

Before his death, Balogun was very hard-working and committed to the dream of bringing the lost glory of Shooting Stars Football Club back.

Friends and family members have been mourning the demise of the late football club manager.

Details later.

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The Imperativeness of Schools’ Sports In Oyo State ~Lekan Badmus

Schools’ Sports entails all sporting activities that take place within and amongst school children. It encompasses intramurals and extramural competition.

Intramurals involves all sporting events that are performed within the four-wall of; and exclusively for the students of a school. On the other hand, extramural competition is a contest in which many schools are made to engage in a competitive healthy rivalry. By health rivalry, such contest should devoid acrimony and chaos. It must not degenerate to the level of violence and thuggery. The minds of the students should be dissuaded from win-at-all cost syndrome.

The goals of both types of school’s sports are warped to promote conditions that could facilitate the three domains of education of a child. These are the cognitive, affective and psychomotive.

The objective of school sports is the enrichment of the high school experiences of students within the context of the educational mission of schools. As such, school sports should be educational and contribute to the overall education of all students.

The precise intent of education is the development of a “whole man”. It is erroneous to restrict education to reading and writing. The concept transcends mere literacy and numeracy. Rather, it is the development of a child in all ramifications.

The stereotyped programmes of contemporary school seems to have become monotonous. Teaching-learning activities in Oyo State schools nowadays are tailored towards a direction where everything bothers on classroom activities without any recourse to extra or co-curricular activities. This was unlike seventies and eighties when schools sports and Literary and Debate were component parts of education. The effect of that dynamism was evident in both moral and academic performance of the students of that period.

Things have however changed ! What we now have is ceaseless and marathon teachings in a compacted time table. We seem to have forgotten the fact that; all works and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. I quite agree that the primary objective of schooling should not be jettisoned but we must as well not forget the potency inherent in a diversification that embraces other aspects of life. Learning becomes monotonous when the environment is conservative. This has an adverse effects on the attention span of the students. Potentials abound in the students. They are like treasures hidden beneath the soil. The only way they could sprout is through extra-curricular events.

Sports is an agent of socialisation. It is a veritable tool to curb social vices which are prevalent amongst students. Researches have shown that these students dissipate so much energy on frivolities and immoral acts. This may not be unconnected with their youthful exurberance. Such restlessness could be channeled to something profitable.

A stable mind and body are antithetical to comprehension and assimilation which education seeks to achieve. Indeed, a symbiotic relationship exists between Sports and Education in this regard. Examples abound: Blood circulation is enhanced by engaging in sporting activities, pulse rate is increased and excretion of toxic waste is enhanced. The constant circulation of oxygenated blood that conveys oxy-haemoglobin to the brain promotes students’ cognition and sense of judgement. Reasoning, value- judgement and brilliance have their roots in the cerebrum which is a part of the brain.

The effect of sports is more pronounced on health. Sports offers a therapeutic remedy to certain metabolic disorders such as obesity, postural defect and diabetes. Aside this, students’ immunities against diseases are developed and the cardio-vascular respiratory endurance becomes more efficient. All these disorders could militate against effective learning. Verily, sports is an antidote to sedentary lifestyle and stress.

Globally, sport has a unifying appeal. The sports industry boasts of a dynamic appeal that many others, even bigger industries look at with envy. It has the power to define a nation as a whole. Social interaction and cultural integration are promoted through sport fiesta which has students from different socio-cultural backgrounds converging on the sports arena. This increases level of tolerance and respect for one another.

From the above, sports is a sine-qua-non to educational excellence.
Although, Physical and Health Education is an integral part of the syllabus but this is taught as theory as a result of dearth of equipment and implement. Whereas, the subject is both theoretical and practical. Based on this premise, it is apt to conclude that the recognition accorded sports ends there as this inclusion is just for the sake of a formality.

Sports culture needs to be resuscitated at our schools along with quality education.
The realisation of the negative impact that today’s lifestyle brings on the school children is enough to spur us to action and be proactive in the search for options.

Sports not only builds physical stamina but also instills qualities such as obedience, determination, willpower, and discipline.

In summary, there is the need to regurgitate sporting activities in Oyo state schools. The presence of physical and Health Education experts in our schools is an advantage in respect of management and organisation of sports. They posses the technical know-how and this is an a avenue for the teachers to explore the opportunity and display their organisational skills.

Sports organization may be money-spinning. The state could partner with various organizations and companies in this regards.

One thing to guide against while staging sports contest is the use of machineries. This is impersonation and it should be dealt with decisively. Otherwise, the goals would be defeated.

With motivation and reward in forms of scholarship and material gifts, students would strive hard to put in their best. These best might become the state athletes at the National Sports Festival and form the bulk of the nation’s contingent at International age-grade competition and Olympic Games.

On a finality, the ministry of education and the state government are enjoined to consider the proposal herein contained with a view to reviving the moribund schools’ sports in Oyo State.

Comrade Lekan Badmus is a freelance writer, Education cum Sports Consultant.

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