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FIBSU National Cleans Up Ibadan North East For The 2nd Edition of Keep Ibadan Clean Project

The Federation of Ibadan Students’ Union National Council on Saturday, 25th of June 2022 embarked on the 2nd edition of the Keep Ibadan Clean Project.

The Keep Ibadan Keep Project is a monthly sanitation of the Union which began under the leadership of Aare Fakolade Anuoluwapo TIMFAK.

According to the National President, Aare Fakolade Anuoluwapo TIMFAK said that the idea was borne out of the desire of their members in supporting the vision of His Excellency, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde which in beautifying and making Ibadan the most cleanest city in the country.

The first edition took place at Ibadan North LG while this month exercise took place at the market in Ibadan North East LG under the leadership of Chief Rauf Delesolu, the Aare Agoo Ile-Ibadan.

Receiving the team during the exercise were the baba loja and Iya loja, Chief Soliu Ayinde Delesolu Mofiola Sere 1 & Chief Mrs Alhaja Laaro Oluwakemi Akala respectively. They commended the Union for such initiative and encouraged them to keep it up, they further stated that the market will be willing to partner with the union in any of their consequent Programmes.

Finally, Aare Fakolade Anuoluwapo appreciates the market men and women for the their towards the success of the exercise, and said that the residents of Ibadan should anticipate their next Local Government for the month of July.

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Ibadan North PDP Primaries : Agba Egbe Urges Residents Not To Worry, Promises Hitch Free Election

The Executive Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government, Hon. Yusuff Sahib Oladayo (Agba Egbe ) has reiterated his commitments towards a peaceful and hitch free PDP Primaries, scheduled for 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May.

According to a press release by the special adviser on Media and Publicity to the chairman, Mr Bodija Akinwale, made available to newsmen in ibadan the Oyo state capital.

The council chairman appealed for calm ahead of the primary elections scheduled for Saturday, and also gave a stern warning to anyone or group of persons who wants to cause mayhem during or after the Primaries to desists from such intentions as he (Agba Egbe) and all other security outfits are ready and in absolute charge of firm security.

Agba Egbe, also implore the public, especially in Ibadan North Local Government to disregard the security anxiety rumors circulated by some online platforms as such news was in dispatch to discourage delegates from exercising their rights as party stakeholders.

He further noted that atrocious politicians, Political thugs who still wants to make Ibadan north local government an abode should leave ahead or be ready to feel the hard knock of the law, as whoever is caught irrespective of position or Influence will be made to face the law accordingly.

S.À, Media and Publicity, Office Of The Executive Chairman Of Ibadan North Local Gverenment

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2023 OYHA Hopeful, Hon. Femi Adeyemi Obtains APC Nomination & Expression Form

“Here I am, send me oh Lord”

Yesterday, Femi Adeyemi took a step forward to obtain expression of interest and nomination form to represent Oluyole State Constituency at the Oyo State House of Assembly 2023. This is born out of his burning desire to dutifully represent the good people of Oluyole Constituency.
Oluyole deserve the best, competent, reliable and adequate representation this time around.

“Those with less of a sense of service to the nation never understand it when men and women of character step forward to look danger and adversity straight in the eye, refusing to blink, or give ground, even to their own deaths. The protected can’t begin to understand the price paid so they and their families can sleep safe and free at night.”

Femi Adeyemi has all it takes to change the narrative and face of governance to deliver dividend of democracy to the good people of Oluyole. He has been trained,tested and trusted.

I therefore seek for your prayers, support and encouragement in all form to make it a reality.

God bless Oluyole!
God bless Oyo State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

“FM 2023”

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Tosin Gboye Aka Amot Appreciates Constituents, Seeks Further Support

The People’s Democratic Party, House of Assembly Aspirant, Ibadan North Constituency 2 Hon. Makanjuola Oluwatosin Taofeek on Thursday, 5th of May 2022 sent his appreciation message to all the people of Ibadan North Constituency 2 for the love shown to him during his official declaration.

Hon. Makanjuola Taofeek Oluwatosin aka Tosin Gboye officially declared his interest to represents the people of Ibadan North Constituency 2 on Wednesday, 4th May, 2022 at the party’s meeting venue, Salvation Army School, Yemetu.

Following his supporters who came from far and near, including the constituents, eligible voters, party leaders and community leaders who graced the event, it’s necessary and important for him to acknowledged their presence and the time they sacrificed which will not be taken for granted.

Furthermore, Tosin Gboye also uses this medium to seek for further support most especially from party leaders as the primary election approaches.

Lastly, after unveiling his manifesto yesterday, and if given the opportunity, Tosin Gboye promises to live up to expectation, facilitate development to different communities in the constituency and at the same time, ensure the growth and development of constituents.

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Prof. Oloyede, Makinde, Prince Oluyemisi Adeaga, Mogajis, Others Attends 3rd FIBSU National Ramadan Lecture

Federation of Ibadan Students’ Union National Council on Monday, 18th of April, 2022 held the 3rd FIBSU National Ramadan Lecture at the Assembly Hall of the University of Ibadan.

The lecture had the Chief Imam of the University of Ibadan, Professor M. Oloyede Abdulrahman as the Guest Lecturer with the topic “Nigeria, Religion & Politics for a Sustainable Circular Nation”.

While delivering his lecture, the Chief Imam briefly explained the spread of Islam in Ibadan land and the historical contributions of Baale Apanpa among others as he encouraged more Muslim participation in the political administration of the country for a sustainable development.

Representing the Govenror, was the Special Assistant on Students’ Matters, Hon. Victor Olojede, who delivered the Governor’s message and reiterated the commitment of Engr. Seyi Makinde in prioritizing the welfare of students.

Dignitaries presents Includes President-General of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes, Prince Oluyemisi Adeaga represented by Vice President 1, Dr. Tirimisyu, Mogaji Ashiwaju Nurudeen Akinade, representative of Mogaji Akere, Chief Mrs Temitope Awotunde, Hon. Ishola Adetoyese, Mr. Okotolaye Adisa.

Former FIBSU National present includes Aare Alao Olalekan, Aare Olugbade Bukunmi Integrity whose tenure the Ramadan lecture series was inaugurated. Amir of The Polytechnic Ibadan and Amir of Oyo State College of Health Science and Technology. FOSSU National President and General Secretary Elect, among others.

Students’ Leaders and Stakeholders across the State were also in attendance.

The National President, Aare Fakolade Anuoluwapo appreciates all chief Lecturer for making himself available despite his busy schedule, and equally appreciates all invited guests.

Lastly, he sent his greetings to all members and chapters present.

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2023 OYHA Ibadan North Constituency 2: Hon. Makanjuola Oluwatosin Declares Interest, Obtains Nomination & Expression of Interest Form


Your Excellency, The Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde.
Honorable Chairman, Ibadan North Local Government.
Distinguished Party Executives.
Distinguished Party Men & Women.
Respected Elders, Friends & Colleagues.
Gentle men and women of the Press.

I’m delighted today to inform you all that after due consultations with my instinct, party and community leaders, including people of my Constituency, I’m taking this stand here and now to represent the people of my constituency at the Oyo State House of Assembly.

Over the years, representatives from my constituency including the incumbent has failed to live up to their responsibilities in giving our people true representation that will bring about true development of both individuals and communities beyond sharing Okada and TV sets.

With years of professional and political experience in youth affairs and leadership, I affirm my readiness in being the ideal candidate for people of Ibadan North Constituency 2.

Dear Constituents, Party Men & Women, with rich precedents of quality services to my community over the years and serving in different youth leadership capacities, if given the chance to represent you, the administration will be all-inclusive where every representatives of individuals and groups will be part of the decision making of what affects our constituency.

Dear Constituents, as I focus on delivery true representation through law making and other constitutional duties as stated in the Constitution, the administration will also focus in investing in the growth and development of constituents and the constituency as a whole. This will be possible through collaboration with concerned government ministries/agencies beyond distributing items that are not worthy to be called empowerment.

Given my education and experience in leadership, I’m confident that I’m of commendable character with requisite qualities to represent the good people of Ibadan North Constituency 2. I have researched my possibilities and strength and determined that the position and my SWOT is a strong match.

Finally, with all humility and sense of responsibility, I salute the contribution of relevant stakeholders, successive party and community leaders who has and still contributing to the advancements of the people of our constituents, as I present myself for service. It’s time we make a difference and the time is now.

I hereby officially declare that I intent to represent our people of Ibadan North Constituency 2 at the 10th Oyo State House of Assembly. I equally seek the support of every party man and woman, state executives, ward executives and prospective delegates to make this a reality for the general good of our people.

Ashiwaju Makajuola Oluwatosin Taofeek
AKA Tosin Gboye (AMOT)
Oyo State House of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency 2 Hopeful.

Contact Number:08131890127

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Personality Interview: I Had Good and Bad Experiences While Serving As Commissioner ~ Professor Afonja

ODUDUWA NEWS: Can we meet you Sir?
My name is Professor Raphael Afonja, now known as Professor Rahmon Afonja, I was a former Commissioner for Works and Transport in Oyo State, former Dean of Faculty at City University of New York, USA and former military personnel in US Army. I am a Professor of Civil Engineering and I have several other degrees related to the field. I am also a fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineer and the CEO/Managing Director of GAMUT Security and Escort Services.

Q: Recently, media space was awash with your conversion to Islam, what was the motivation behind it?
I had wanted to become a Muslim since my childhood age because I was given birth by parents with mixed religion, my father was a Christian while my mother was a practicing Muslim and it gave me a privilege to be nurtured and groomed along the doctrines of Islam and Christianity.

Q: How has it been combining politics with academics?
For me, when I think about politics, I think about service to the people. I always tell people that intention matters a lot. I came to Nigeria to serve my people and I have been channeling my strength towards the service to humanity. Particularly, the people of Oyo and Ogbomoso land and that is the reason why I am here. My motivation is to serve people and I have come to serve. My intention for coming to politics has always been the interest of the people.

Q: Can you give us an insight into your experiences during your time as the Commissioner for Works and Transport?
I had good and bad experiences. It’s unfortunate that sycophancy was at the forefront instead of commitment, dedication and sacrifice. I used to work from 6am to 11pm and most nights I would be out there checking one or two projects in order to ensure timely delivery.
I used to engage consultants outside to help in designing structural plans of roads and bridges and I never sacrificed meritocracy for mediocrity. Most of the projects currently embarked on by the Ministry of Works and Transport were structurally planned by me before I left office. I used to dedicate myself to the duties assigned to me by my principal and my target was to see him succeed. That has always been my philosophy whenever I am carrying out my responsibilities and duties. His landmark achievements while in office would be of great benefit to the people of Oyo State and I was dedicated and committed to the course because the governor was elected to serve the people of Oyo State.

I should inform you that this is the first interview I am granting after I left office. Let me use this medium to condemn certain misinformation out there where it was alleged that some files would be on my desk for weeks and months without being attended to, that’s a blatant lie. No file would spend more than 24hrs on my desk without being attended to. My philosophy at the Ministry was that no file should spend more than two days on my desk without being attended to. It must be treated and go to the appropriate channel. At times, my directors would come to work on Saturdays and Sundays and they would have to work day and night for the purpose of making things work out properly. The story out there that Professor Afonja used to delay files is a blatant lie and it was an attempt to smear my name.

Q: Immediately after you left office, there was a rumor that it was one inflated contract awarded by your Ministry that led to your removal by the State Governor, what can you say about this?
Nothing special in my removal, that was an appropriate time for me to exit as destined by God. I believe that every contractor must do his job; the issue of disagreement on the said contract was the Olodo road that goes towards Iwo and COVID-19 Centre. Then, the road was very bad and the Director of Highway at the Ministry submitted a bill to me which was very reasonable and I defended it at the State Executive meeting, because the road according to the proposal, if completed would last for a very long time. However, politics came into play as some people who had wanted to take the job felt that the best way was to come up with a lower bill and had their way. Though, I looked at the bill and concluded it was not going to work. Today, the rest has become history.

Q: From your experience while in the office having come across ‘toxic politicians’ and sycophants, are you still interested in politics or you want to take your leave?
Well, I always tell people that I’m not a full time politician, I am God sent to come and ameliorate the sufferings of the people and that has been my interest. One of the major reasons I left my job as the Dean of Faculty in a University in America to come and take the position of Commissioner was the interest of my people. The interest of my people has always been the motivation behind any step I take. On that note, I still remain a politician.

I met the Governor recently and we discussed at length. When I was the Commissioner, I knew I was there for an appointed time and a time would come that I would leave. I saw my exit coming and I have never regretted ever serving as a Commissioner. I am fulfilled with what I have done in that capacity and I am glad that most of the things being carried out by the Ministry today were my handiwork before I left. Everybody should remember that when you are given a seat, it is a privilege not an entitlement because at some point you either leave the office or the office leaves you. So painful, Kehinde Ayoola of blessed memory died while in the office, I pray for him often. The point I am making is that everyone would leave one day.

Q: Which party do you belong to currently?
I’m a PDP member, I never thought of decamping.

Q: There is no gainsaying in the fact that there are factions in PDP, which faction do you belong to?
Smiles! Let me say this, I don’t believe in factions and I pray and do hope that the crisis within our party gets resolved very soon because I believe if we want to win from the LG to FG we have to resolve all internal crises. I want the faction to understand that the Governor is the Governor, he was put in that position by God, and no matter how young he is, he should be respected.

I also want the Governor to understand that as a leader, you also need to appreciate the people that work tirelessly to get you elected; they should be heard and listened to. There should be certain level of compromise with them. The governor must be recognized and respected and whatever he does we should have it in mind that he has been given mandate to do that. We must work together as PDP and not to sell ourselves out. We have to support the Governor and he should also avoid sycophants who might want to mislead him. He should take his time to investigate and should endeavour to go extra mile to get his information right.

Q: 2023 is approaching, what’s your political plan?
For me, I’m praying for God’s directive on what I should do. My first assignment is to ensure that our party remains at the forefront, and make sure that we win across board. Secondly, like I said, the Governor is the leader of the Party in the State; we are looking forward to his leadership as to what role we should play.

Q: What can you say about Rt. Hon Mulikat Adeola’s Camp?
Let me speak about her as a person, Alhaja Mulikat is a very selfless person. I love her as a mother because she always desires best for all. I can boldly say that Alhaja is the most consistent person in the PDP for a very long time.
When I was in office, the misconception was that we were fighting. People insinuated that I distanced myself from her, but a lot of people don’t understand that I was in a different position which required my dedication and full commitment to the vision and aspiration of my boss. My work for the governor required my loyalty at all times no matter how the circumstances.

Hon. Mulikat is a respected leader of the party and I wasn’t disloyal to her but I was only being careful due to the crisis rocking our party. Though, I made my own mistakes and hold myself responsible to them. She’s a very good woman that wants the best for her people and the people of Oyo State. I just pray that the crisis within the party gets resolved very soon so that we can come together and work for the progress of the party.

Q: Was Rt. Hon Mulikat Adeola instrumental to your nomination as Commissioner?
Let me say that I am thankful to her, she later nominated me and I thank the Governor for accepting me and I am most grateful to everyone that was instrumental to getting the position.

I also found out that Hon. Ogunwuyi also played vital role that I didn’t know, let me say thank you to him also. I was told he said he doesn’t know who I am until when he checked my CV and was greatly convinced. He said I would be the right person for the job. That word, I think goes a long way. If he had said something differently; it would have gone the other way.
I wasn’t the only person nominated by Alhaja because she also nominated two other persons before me and the Governor rejected them. I am most grateful to her. Upon my announcement as Commissioner for Works, I had to resign my appointment as the Dean of a University at the United States of America after my screening.

Q: What’s your general advice to the youths, Nigerian leaders and the followers?
I am disappointed in our leadership from Presidency down to the Local Government. Let’s say the LGs do not really have the autonomy they supposed to have. I would say from the Presidency to National Assembly to Governors. I would say that I am disappointed that youths are not given opportunity to succeed.

There’s no support system that would give them the opportunity to make something out of themselves. Government can’t create employment for everybody, but government needs to create policies and enabling environment that would help people to come up with ideas.
The health care system is nothing to talk about; our leaders are very quick at jetting out for medical attention. The politicians, leaders and the rest of us need to put politics aside and step up and do the right thing. Otherwise, there comes a point in time there might be a revolution whereby the youths would start fighting back. Again, there has to be control on money spent on electioneering. A lot of good people would love to come out and contest elective positions but they cannot compete with moneybags who usually hold sway every electioneering time.

Also, the so called delegates who usually collect money for nomination of candidates are not helping our democracy too. The youths need to be given more opportunities to be part of governance. The Youths should also get their PVCs and be part of the process. Vote for the right people and don’t vote based on party.

Also, to you journalists, a lot of journalists have been sold out; they won’t ask the right questions from politicians. I am of the opinion that we need to start screening our candidates as individuals not as party members.

I am asking the youths to stand up, ask questions, and assess their CV. What have they done before? What about major achievements in their chosen careers or businesses and their capacities? Those should be our parameters for assessment rather than protesting every time.

On Security, there’s a lot to be done because we are lagging behind. Our security agencies need to be taken care of, including their welfare and everything that concerns them. The government needs to effectively engage everyone, including the traditional rulers and community leaders on security of lives and properties.

Lastly, I strongly believe in the strength of the youths, they should know that Yahoo Yahoo is not the way out, there are better things to do and some are striving day and night to make it. They should get a mentor, I’m also accessible and I would continue to do my best.

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2022 Ibadan Cultural Festival; Balogun Gaphar Ojetola Appreciates Makinde, Olubadan, CCII, Individuals and Others

The 2022 Ibadan Cultural Festival Central Committee Chairman, Balogun Gaphar Ojetola has sent his appreciation to the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Individuals and Corporate Organizations who contributed in one way or the other to the recently concluded Ibadan 2022 Cultural Festival.

In his appreciation message, he also acknowledged the support and role of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Moshood Olalekan Balogun and the President-General of CCII, Prince Oluyemisi Adeaga.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” —Marcel Proust

Yes, you made us happy and you made our souls blossom.

“That this year Ibadan Cultural Festival has come and ended in glory is enough reason to show gratitude to everyone who has participated and, or contributed to the success story. You are all the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”

“To His Excellency, the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde FNSE whose physical presence at two different events during the weeklong activities has become history making in any Ibadan Cultural Festival anniversary ever experienced. Thank you Sir”

“To our Kabiyesi, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Senator, Dr. Mahood Olalekan Ishola Balogun, Alli Okunmade II , his Oloris and the Olubadan -in – Council. The Iyalode in Council, and all the Senior Chiefs, we thank you all”

“To Her Excellency, wife of the former Governor, Chief Mrs Olayinka Mutiat Ladoja, Grand Ambassador of Ibadan Culture and Special Guest of Honour of the events whose singular efforts contributed immensely to the success story of this year’s celebration, I will forever remain grateful and on behalf of us all, I say Thank you Ma”

“To all our worthy and deserving Awardees from Fellowship through Business Luncheon to the Merit awards at the Grand Finale, we congratulate you for being considered to be so celebrated and honored by Ibadanland. Congratulations to you all”

“To all affiliate clubs and associations home and abroad, we congratulate you all for taking ownership of the whole event as the hosting authority. Congratulations and thank you all”

“To our individual sponsors as well as corporate partners, we remain indebted to you and pray that our relationship will blossom into permanent investment that will be beneficial to both sides”

“To all the members of this year Planning Committee whose labour, dedication, commitment and financial support can only be imagined, I owe you a lot and pray that God almighty will compensate you beyond any human expectations”

“To the Prince Oluyemisi Adetayo Adeaga CCII EXCO led administration for believing in our capacity and strength, we appreciate and congratulate you on this achievement”

“To our partners in the media and other allied interest groups, we thank you all”

“For all that you have committed to the success of this year Ibadan Cultural Festival celebration, please accept our gratitude and we pray for God abundance mercy on us and on Ibadanland”

E se pupo, A dupe O.

Balogun Gaphar Ojetola
Chairman Ibadan Cultural Festival 2022

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Makinde, Olubadan, Ladoja, Fatai Buhari, Captain of Industries, Others To Grace Ibadan Cultural Festival Grand Finale

The 2022 Ibadan Cultural Festival will come to an tomorrow, 19th of March 2022 with a Grand Finale Ceremony at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Liberty Road, Oke l-Ado Ibadan understand the leadership of President-General of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes, Prince Oluyemisi Adeaga.

This year festival started with a Church Service on the 13th of March 2022 which was well attended by sons and daughters of Ibadan land, including the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde.

According to the Chairman, Central Planing Committee of Ibadan Cultural Festival 2022 Balogun Gaphar Ojetola the Cultural Festival will come to an end tomorrow after series of activities which includes Oreke Beauty Pageant, Quiz & Essay Competition, Talent Hunt, Amala Day, Visit to Olubadan Palace, Football Competition, Ibadan Youth Day, Fellowship Award, Business Luncheon, etc.

The Grand Finale is expected to have in attendance, His Excellency, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State as the Special Guest and the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Senator Mohood Olalekan Balogun Alli Okumade II as the Royal Father of the day.

Other dignitaries expected at the event includes Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Captain of Industries, High Chiefs of Ibadan land, successful and resourceful sons and daughters of Ibadan land.

The event will also feature presentation of Special Award to all living and death President-General of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes and other important personalities who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Ibadan land.

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Olubadan Palace To Be Ready By December, As Ibadan South East LG, Methodist Grammar School Emerged Winners of Football Competition

As part of the activities of this year Ibadan Cultural Festival, the President-General of Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes led Ibadan sons and daughters to pay a visit to the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Senator Mohood Olalekan Balogun, Alliwo Okumade II

Speaking at the Palace, the Prince Oluyemisi Adeaga, assured Kabiesi and Ibadan residents that the new Palace of the Olubadan will be completed before December.

Speaking further, “the project that would involve everybody,” adding, “with our population in Ibadan said to be four million according to the last population census, if just one million people out of the four million is captured as eligible to a thousand naira each, a billion Naira would be raised and that would do something.”

“With the way things turned out and the kind of weather experienced on the day of coronation with a harmless heavy night shower that rounded off the day, we can say with confidence that the morning had already shown how the night would be as the good time to expect under the reign of the new Olubada,” Adeaga said

Also, the finals of the Football Competition organized in celebration of Ibadan Cultural Festival took place yesterday at Ilaji Hotel & Resorts.

Ibadan South East Local Government came first in the male under 15 male Football Competition beating Ibadan North LG to 1 goals to nothing while Methodist Gram schl Elekuro came first in the S l Amole /CCII female football cup championship among all the secondary Schools in lbadan land, beating Liberty academy Orita challenge to 2 goals to nothing.

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