Oduduwa Republic: Wake Up, Break Up By Omo Agbogungboro

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Breaking up location 419 seems the only sensible and perfect solution to the born to rule mindset in a minority rule government. Any other option will simply be a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Let the contraption be broken up once and for all. And let the nations within her commence deliberations on modalities for dissolution of the forced unfruitful marriage.

That few men from Futa Jalon who believe in conquest should through subtlety and the barren of guns continue to dominate and aim to make location 419 their father’s estate should not be undermined.

Omo Oduduwa, wake up from slumber, the army of conquest are back on rampage. They are rounding up their rehersal in the Southern Kaduna, they are battle ready to fight with sole intention to take over Ile Oduduwa. It is time the royal fathers should rise up and let their voices be more audible in this emancipation struggle.

I respectfully remind gbogbo ori Ade, our fathers that without a Kingdom, there is no King. Please do not allow your stool be replaced with Emirs or Sultans.

“And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season”. Luke 4:13.

An appraisal of the devil’s nature revealed his style is to submerge and then emerge. The devil in the face of hard contested battle will temporarily accept defeat and disappear to restrategise. This is exactly what the Fulani are doing in Nigeria.

They seek to destroy Yoruba history so another narration could be propounded. Nah! They were defeated in Osogbo in 1840 and sent upward. Perphaps it was a big mistake for Yoruba not to have pursued and totally destroyed them, and recover Ilorin which they conquered from Afonja in 1836AD

It is no gainsaying that the Karambani are back with renewed hope and modern strategies with desire to conquer location 419.

However, let the present generation of Oduduwa descendants rise up in defense of their ancestral land. The Oduduwa youths in particular must know the truth, they belong to a Nation that has never been conquered. A nation that will never be subservient to anyone. A nation credited with almost everything first in Africa. A nature adjudged as the glory (imole Ogo) of the black race.

We are the indomitable, highly intelligent, superbly intellectual, extremely focused, pacesetting, well cultured, highly conscientious Oduduwa descendants.

Let us be inspired by the knowledge of who we are. Our self identity must inspire us as we confront the ongoing invasion of our land by the world acclaimed African wanderers who have been suppressed and expelled in over 26 African Nations.

Rise, Omo Alade Oduduwa rise. Ese ara yin ni oshusnu owo, igba eshishi kin dena lowo. Owo ni baba eshishi.

Awon onile afunwa se. Eledumare agbewa leyin.

Rise up, in the spirit of legendary Yoruba warriors from every corner of Oduduwa nation.

Edide eta giri. Idagiri kin ja omo leyin Ekun. Awon iran daran daran koni muwa leru o.

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