NGO Team Celebrates Founder, Ramata Agberemi on Her Birthday

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Earlier today, members of the Baby Blue Angels Foundation gathered at their office in Ibadan to celebrate the birthday of their Boss, Ramata Agberemi Dabo.

The mini party was organized to celebrate the founder of the NGO who as at the time of filing the report is currently not in Nigeria.

The Team leader, Ajadi Omolara while speaking on behalf of her members gave thanks and praises to God for using the founder of the NGO as a source of blessing to humanity. She said, the event was organized to celebrate the glorious year added to the age of a great philanthropist.

A poetry composed and dedicated to the founder of the NGO was read by the Managing Editor of Oduduwa News, Comrade Ismael Taiwo who also joined other well-wishers to grace the occasion. The highlight of the poetry read apart below:

“Just like yesterday!
Hmm! Yesterday, today or tomorrow
Yesterday is gone!
Today is what we are celebrating
Is it true that yesterday has gone…
Yesterday, when mama screamed
Screaming in anticipation
Anticipation! Only God knew
The All-knower knew what will be the outcome
The screaming continued…
Screaming as requested by the Obstetrician
Obstetrician, following his laid down theories
Only God knew the powers beyond theories
God, looking at the Obstetrician,
Having known His intention
whether to prove the theories wrong or not
Suddenly! Mama heard the baby crying
crying to be welcomed to the world…
The world filled with ups and downs
Wow! what a successful job
Exclaimed the Obstetrician!
God in His abode, looking at the Obstetrician!
who did not know the powers that go beyond science
The crying continued….
Oh! She is a female
Thanks to Almighty God, coming out from Mama’s mouth
Hmmm! A bouncing baby girl
just came to the world,
the family of Agberemi
giving Mama hope of joy
Mama continued looking
Looking for the hope
hope in the shining and beautiful
bouncing baby girl
Yesterday has gone!
Mama continued staring at the baby girl
Looking what tomorrow will be
tomorrow when the baby grows
growing to fulfill mama’s hope
Wow! the hope has come
Today has brought Mama’s long yearning tomorrow
Today is the D-Day
The celebration of a jewel
The glorious day
in the glorious week,
the glorious month
in the glorious year
Today is your birthday
And u feel pretty good
Your body’s still working
You should touch wood
Your wrinkles few and far between
You may not look 18 anymore
Still you get pimples like a teen
I’m glad you feel as fresh as ever
Today is fulfilling your tomorrow
tomorrow filled with joy cum happiness
Oh! The sky is moon and sun,
The river is water
The fragrance is rose flower
The joy, happiness, funfilled life and prosperity
shall be the hope of Mama’s tomorrow”.

The vote of thanks was given by one of the members of the NGO, Omotolani Lolade and thereafter the programme was brought to an end.

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