Makinde is fulfilling promises, Adelabu has lost touch with reality- Media Aide

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The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, has said that the governor has been fulfilling his electoral promises and building a new Oyo State.
The governor’s aide stated that contrary to criticisms by the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in the 2019 election, Mr Adebayo Adelabu that none of the promises Makinde made to the electorate has been fulfilled, the governor has in the last one year and four months, placed the state on a sound footing for economic expansion and put in place policies and programmes that are lifting the people from poverty to prosperity.
A statement by the governor’s Media Aide indicated that Adelabu’s comments are clear indications that he has lost touch with the current reality in Oyo State, having been blinded by unbridled ambition to govern the state.

He said: “Governor Makinde, as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made promises on the campaign train which were later crystalised into the four-point service agenda of his administration including Security, Health, Education and expanded Economy (using the agricultural value chain.)
“14 months into the tenure, notwithstanding the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which rattled the world and slowed down the pace of developmental works, the administration of Engineer Makinde has been busy recording one great landmark achievement after the other.
“Even the blind can see the improvements made to the Health sector; everyone can see that the free and qualitative education is yielding fruits; that the security has been taken a top notch; and that the economy is expanding fast with improved infrastructure and revival of moribund companies that harbour huge revenue potentials,” the statement read in part.
The statement further maintained that thanks to the prudence and ingenuity of the Makinde administration, which recently introduced the Alternative Projects Funding Approach (APFA), the government is presently working on the all-important 67 km Moniya-Iseyin road, to open up the food basket of the state; the 21km Ajia-Airport road; remodeling the Adamasingba Stadium, as well as fixing the abandoned Agbowo shopping complex, Ibadan.

The statement indicated that Makinde’s achievements in 14 months have already outclassed the returns of the eight year tenure of the immediate past APC administration in the state.
According to the statement, the achievements of the administration in the health sector include the equipment of the Infectious Disease Centre, Olodo, Ibadan; the setting up of Saki Specialist Hospital, Saki and the determination to remodel and equip Grade III Primary Health Centres across each of the electoral wards, which is well on course, saying these are landmarks the APC chieftain won’t acknowledge.
The statement added: “The Oranyan Maternity Centre, Eyin Grammar Comprehensive Health Centre in Ibadan, and Aafin Oyo and Aawe PHCs in Oyo zone are great testaments to Makinde’s revitalization of the Health sector.

“Governor Makinde has also completed the Phase One of the Light-Up Oyo State Project and commenced the second phase. It is to be noted that the Light-Up Project is a multi-purpose project which addresses the security challenges, enhances night life and expands the economy as we drive the state towards a 24-hour economy status.”
The statement added that the Makinde government has embarked on a steady rebuilding of the state’s infrastructure, adding that the administration has also been guiding the state towards a solid economic revival through different policies and initiatives.
According to the statement, the claims by Adelabu that he would remove Makinde from office in 2023 amounted to a wild dream of a man blinded by ambition.
It added that Adelabu lacked the understanding of what the state needed to move forward, since he does not have any form of blueprint to develop the state.
The statement read: “Let it be on record that the people of Oyo State are happy with the deliverables by the administration of Governor Makinde, since he has practically turned the state to a huge construction site. “Everyone is happy that the governor is delivering on his promises.

“But one is in no doubt to state that Adelabu has never read a line of the Roadmap to Accelerated Development of Oyo State 2019-2023, which is the book of government for every step Governor Makinde has taken since May 2019. One is also not in doubt to state that Adelabu does not know that rather than tax the hapless students of Oyo State, Governor Makinde has been paying In excess of N526 million per term to primary and secondary schools in the state to cater for the needs of.their pupils and students as part of his free education policy.”
The statement particularly frowned on the misguided view of the APC candidate on payment of salaries in the state and what he described as populist programmes, saying that Adelabu’s statement showed clearly that he was happy with the previous administration’s shabby treatment of workers, teachers and pensioners.

“We must equally put on record that the people of Oyo State are not looking for a governor that will refuse to pay their salaries and gratuities; return the pensioners to deadwood, who will only be paid in percentages and owe teachers for years, as his mentor, former Governor Abiola Ajimobi did.
“Adelabu has never missed an opportunity to criticise the effort of the Makinde government to ensure prompt payment of salaries and pensions on or before 25th of every month. “Unfortunately for him, he does not know that by constantly pushing money in excess of N11 billion into the state’s economy every 30 days, Makinde is deliberately reflating Oyo State’s economy and stabilizing the buying power of the people.

“It is to be placed on record as well that since May 29, 2019, Governor Makinde has never missed the payment of salaries/pensions on the 25th. In many instances, the payments have come earlier. In fact, workers received their September salaries on the 24th.
“But that is what Adelabu chose to criticise. The lesson from this is that Adelabu, like his mentor, detests the workforce and pensioners of the state and thinks that they do not deserve to be paid as and when due. The former CBN Deputy Governor criticising Makinde for paying salaries, showed that if ever he gets to govern the state, the welfare of workers and pensioners will not be his priority. Of course, no one would expect anything different,” the statement said.

“Anyway, the statement credited to Adelabu did not throw up a surprise. It is expected that the man, who has been on vacation from politics since he lost the last election, will look for a way to come back to limelight now that the dynamics of politics in his party shows that no one will impose him on the party any longer.
“What is surprising, however, is the fact that Adelabu has allowed his unbridled capitalistic tendencies to blind his eyes to developments in Oyo State, which he sought to govern, to the extent that he could not separate politics from development.

“For one, coming out to say that the administration of Governor Makinde has not done any of the things he promised showed that Adelabu has lost touch with reality; his only reality appears to be how to corner landed properties and build ventures for personal gains. If that is not the situation, one wonders how anyone reasonable would close his eyes to the massive infrastructure development going on in the state.
“Indeed, one would have loved to continue reeling out the achievements of the incumbent government in the state, but it will be needless, knowing that nothing can make Adelabu buy into a reasonable argument.
“We will like to state, however, that Adelabu should not take his arrogance to the point of playing god by claiming to have power to remove Makinde in 2023. No matter what he does, Makinde will not be distracted. The governor has not said anything about 2023, because he is busy delivering on the mandate given to him. When the time comes to talk about 2023, however, it is clear as crystal that the people will not allow charlatans and wicked politicians to take advantage of them. They already know those who are only interested in building capitalistic ventures and milking the people to their bone

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