Lagos has potential to be another Dubai if we work hard, Sanwo-Olu tells cabinet members

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The two-day Ministerial Performance Review Retreat organised by the executive arm of the Lagos State Government has ended with a strong charge to members of the State’s Executive Council to deploy their physical and mental resources to bringing Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s development vision to reality.

The Governor, in his closing remarks at the event, said Lagos possessed all required to attain Dubai development model, urging the drivers of his administration’s vision of Greater Lagos to be articulate and purposeful in the discharge of the tasks assigned to them.

Sanwo-Olu, who was visibly enthusiastic about the encouraging feedback from the review of performance of his Government’s actions, applauded the cabinet members and heads of the State Government’s agencies for the progress recorded in the last one year.

He, however, said people’s expectations of his administration’s efforts were more than what had been achieved so far, charging the appointees to brace for more work.

The Governor urged the cabinet members and executives of the parastatals to increase their momentum and deploy more resourcefulness to the implementation of policies and programmes designed to transform the lives of the residents and the State’s economy.

He said: “There are many takeaways from this two-day retreat which must energise us further to deliver on our goals and promises to the people. But, one key thing we must take away from this exercise is the fact that we have sustained our attempts to transform Lagos and these efforts are being acknowledged by those who understand what development is all about.

“We have many great actions and ideas we have implemented, which probably have not been properly communicated. Now we need to be smarter, more organised and articulate in the way we go about our programmes so that our efforts can be more visible. The Ministry of Information and Strategy and everyone that has strength in communication should begin to magnify these efforts and show the world how Lagos is changing.”

Despite the slow pace of socio-economic activities across all sectors, which is occasioned by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Governor said his administration would not give excuses to residents, stressing that the virus would not derail his Government’s development agenda.

Sanwo-Olu charged all Commissioners and Special Advisers to work together and exchange information for better service delivery.

He said: “We need to work together and share information with one another. This way, we articulate our successes and progress better.”

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