IG Orders Probe of Policemen Who Harassed Towobola Sexually

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IGP Orders Probe Into Sexual Harassment Of Female Suspect In Viral Video

The policemen after taking the kidnap suspect away, faced Towobola, handcuffed her and accused her of sleeping with the alleged kidnapper.

You will recall that the female suspect called Towobola was arrested by the team of Ibadan Special Anti Robbery Squrad SARS based on the allegation that she connived with her boyfriend to kidnap someone.

Instead of the team of Policemen who arrested her to deal with the matters at their hands in accordance with professionalism and global standards decided to handcuff the lady, molesting and harrasing her sexually. In the video, the policemen were seeing telling the lady to call the person that deflowered her and that if they had wooed her in the time past she would not oblige but she could do so to the alleged kidnapper.

In the mean time, the IG of Police having seen the video has ordered for the probe of the policemen and bring them to justice if found guilty.

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