Oyo Govt sets to kick against underage betting, punish offenders

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Oyo State Government has vowed to kick-start a campaign against underage betting and revoke licenses of some betting organizations that refuse to comply with guidelines given to them by the State Government.

The Director of Oyo State Gaming Board, Hide Boladuro made this known while addressing PRESS men today.

Boladuro also hinted that any betting outlet where underage people go to stake for games would henceforth be shut down, as officials of the board were working with security personnel to list outlets in the State where such activities used to take place and for possible arrest of operators concerned.

According to the DG, “Governor Seyi Makinde has mandated the board to begin a sensitization effort towards making parents and guardians know the social effects of underage gaming to their children and the society in general.”

More so, telecommunication companies and digital satellite television providers that beam promotional lotteries on television and broadcast the same on radio will henceforth be penalized by the Oyo State government.

“We have on record a number of promotional lotteries sponsored by telecommunication companies and digital satellite TV owners where they ask people to subscribe and get gifts of certain rewards in return, it is illegal and we are in the process of writing them before taking the next actions.

“They know quite well that there are regulations guiding these promotional lotteries and they have to register the content with the State Gaming Board before broadcasting them, it is illegal and has to stop, we will start dealing with those that fail to follow the due process henceforth.

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