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As William Shakespeare opined “there is no sure foundation set on blood, no certain life achieved by other’s death. Nigeria, a country filled with superfluous human and natural resources but built on faulty foundation has been battling with myriads of insecurity. In the 90s, what we used to witness was the robbery cases and petty theft as well as pen robbers. But the narrative has changed over a decade ago, the menace of kidnapping, banditry and terrorism even broad daylight robbery has stared us on our faces while we look helpless on where the practical solution can be sought for.

In 2009, the terror of Bokoharam was widely pronounced in Nigeria and since that time we have been sleeping with one eye closed. Successive governments had promised to nip the menace in the bud but there seems to be no solution at sight as the terrorist gangs wax stronger everyday while the security agencies look incapacitated.
In the process that gave birth to current administration, President Buhari promised entire Nigerians that if given mandate the insecurity will be a thing of the past and some of us were overjoyous that the new Sheriff would save us from the nearly collapsed security structure under ex-president Goodluck Jonathan. Alas, rather than combating insecurity in Nigeria, the opposite is what we are witnessing as the insecurity has taken a new dimension. The menace of kidnapping, maiming and killing has continued to grow unabated and the citizens seem helpless.
Recently, more than 40 farmers who went out to work and put food on their tables met untimely death by these bloodsucking monsters who brazenly go on rampage unchecked. The unfortunate farmers were slaughtered in their respective farms. This is a twin problem, if they stay at home they might by killed by hunger and if they go to find food they might be killed by these bloodsucking monsters.
One wonders that a supposed Chief Security Officer of the State would have doubled up his effort at strengthening the security apparatus but it has always been usual cosmetic approach of ‘being on top of the situation’ when it is crystal clear that the country is falling into a pariah state.

Country people, as the guerilla tactics of Bokoharam gangs seem to be unabated, there comes Fulani herdsmen who brazenly graze on farms and destroy farmlands. As if illegal grazing could be the only deed of these marauders, they kill, kidnap and maim our brothers and sisters without being brought to book. If arrested, they find themselves back to the society to continue their dastardly acts. One asks, how can we get out of the woods? The answer is not farfetched, those who swore oaths of protecting the lives of Nigerians whether at the Federal or State levels should brace up and confront the monster holistically.
In the Southwest region, the Fulani marauders have taken over the forests, many people have met their untimely death in the hands of these killers. They have killed traditional rulers, scholars, business women and men. They had succeeded in sending farmers out of businesses owing to the fear of being killed in their farm settlement. As these atrocities going on in the country, one will expect President Buhari to act as the father of the nation and put a stop to the ongoing carnage by the killer herders. Rather, President Buhari in his usual nepotistic stance, made case for the killer herdsmen, emboldened them to continue doing their businesses at the detriment of farmers.

While calls made from different quarters to President Buhari to sack the service chiefs that have failed in discharging the duties assigned to them, Buhari rather than rewarding failure with failure continually eulogizing the service chiefs while the country is tearing apart, until recently when the President took the bold step by relieving them of their duties.

In recent times, Southwest region, having noticed that it security cannot be entrusted in the hands of Presidency any longer established Southwestern Security Network codenamed Amotekun to clear the region of criminal elements. This will continually generate tension in other regions who might want to be emboldened to come out with their security apparatus.

As the tension is high in the country, President Buhari needs to be up and doing as chief security officer to douse the tension. The inability of Presidency to live up to expectation and cage these marauders may lead to self-help whereby every region will raise militias to secure them.
Ismael Taiwo
Writes from Ibadan

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