UI VC Race: Ibadan People Lack Moral Rectitude To Cry Of Marginalisation – Oke-Ogun Group

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In a statement released by a Socio-Cultural Group in Oke-Ogun, the Oke-Ogun Alliance for Justice highlighted below:

Re-Ibadan Indigenes Allege Marginalization in Appointment of VC in UI

If Ibadan people can complain of marginalization, what will Oke-Ogun do? Since the creation of Oyo State, Ibadan has always produced the Governor except during military rule, the golden era of Chief Bola Ige and the accidental emergence of an Ogbomoso man some years ago. While many states in Nigeria elect governors on rotational basis across the zones that constitute them, Oyo State has witnessed the excruciating dominance of Ibadan in terms of governance by governors of Ibadan extraction.

For the sake of clarity, the following indigenes of Ibadan have been governors of Oyo State since the second republic: Chief Omololu Olunloyo, Chief Kolapo Ishola, Alhaji Lam Adesina, Alhaji Rashid Ladoja, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and Engineer Seyi Makinde. With the above fact and the occurrence in the Oyo State political atmosphere, Ibadan is not ready to concede the governorship seat to any other region in the state nor wishes to spread development evenly in the state.

While about 65% of the state resources is expended on Ibadan, despite been saturated with development, the development of other zones of the state, especially Oke Ogun, has remained a subject of campaign by successive governors.

While many towns in Oyo State, raise prayer warriors for them to be considered in the appointment of state commissioners in successive governments, about 60% of political appointment goes to Ibadan alone.

If the maxim of ‘ he who comes with equity must come with clean hands ‘ is anything to go by, the people of Ibadan lack the moral rectitude to complain of marginalization on the appointment of the Vice Chancellor of the University of ibadan.

It is note worthy, that the appointment of Vice Chancellor is not a political appointment, over which Ibadan has mastery of manipulation against other zones in Oyo State. The process is also not driven by ethnic sentiment or desire for dominance.

University of Ibadan, being the Nation’s premier University, has many Professors who hail from different towns and cities across Nigeria.
Their different ethnic background or towns of origin is not relevant in the appointment of a Vice Chancellor, what is relevant is their respective qualifications, experience and their programmes for the development of the University. For the sake of sanity in the Ivory tower, Ibadan should allow the process to run its natural course. There are other eminently qualified Professors in the race. Professor Dele Layiwola is one.

It is necessary to avoid the pollution of our academic environment, with nepotism and desire to dominate others. It is our humble opinion, that the call on the President, to IMPOSE an Ibadan indigene as the next Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan is a desecration of of the established procedure, defilement of the academic culture, self-serving and unpatriotic.

It is our considered opinion, that in the 21st century, the consideration for the appointment of a Vice Chancellor should not be his state or town of origin, but his academic and moral qualifications.

It is inconceivable, that Ibadan could dream of dominating UI , the way she had dominated Oyo State for a very long time. It should be noted that UI is a Federal University and the circumstance of its location does not make it the property of Ibadan to be used for the benefit of Ibadan ànd her indigenes alone.

He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

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