Oduduwa Republic: Sunday Igboho is just a motor dealer, ‘new in the struggle’ – Gani Adams

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The Aare Onakakanfo, Iba Gani Adams has cautioned the Ibadan based socialite, Chief Sunday Igboho to tread softly and stop attacking or hurling abusive words on Yoruba elders for inability to join the planned Oduduwa Republic rally slated to hold on October 1 but suffered setback due to low turn-out.

You will recall that Chief Sunday Igboho, the convener of Oduduwa Republic rally in Ibadan had earlier threatened to stage a rally on October 1 to seek for secession of Yoruba race in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the rally suffered a setback yesterday in some parts of Nigeria particularly in Ibadan where it was said to be kickstarted. Chief Sunday Igboho while decrying betrayal on the part of those he expected to join him in the rally said, some Yoruba elders have connived with Federal Government to sell the struggle.

Igboho while speaking to journalists yesterday at his residence said he was disappointed in some Yoruba elders for betraying the course to liberate Yoruba race from slavery.

Igboho was quoted as saying, “I am very disappointed in some of our leaders and elders who we planned the struggle together but failed to show up having sold their conscience for the sake of porridge and Yoruba ancestors shall reward them”.

In the meantime, Chief Gani Adams while granting an interview on BBC Yoruba said, Sunday should be cautioned from speaking anyhow to Yoruba elders. He said Igboho is new to struggle and that he does not know the rudiments of how struggle is carried out which necessitated his failure.

He said he was surprised to have heard the movement for the declaration of Oduduwa Republic on social media. “How can you announce such on social media and you expect persons like us to join, they don’t do struggle like that, you didn’t come and meet me so that we could guide you only for you to go on social media and be vituperating”, said Gani Adams.

He stated further that Sunday Igboho is his brother and an ordinary motor dealer who is new in the struggle may find it difficult to know the nitty gritty of the struggle.

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