Nigeria @ 60: Oyo lawmaker, Dele Adeola urges Nigerians to root for visionary leaders

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Nigeria @ 60: The time for visionary leaders – Dele Adeola

The honourable member representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju State Constituency at the Oyo State House of Assembly has joined the people of Nigeria to celebrate the 60th independence anniversary.

This was contained in statement personally released by him today.

The Honourable said, he joined entire people of Nigeria to celebrate the 60th independence anniversary not just because we have attained our desired vision as a country but due to our resilience and doggedness amidst several challenges facing us as a nation.

He said, Nigerians should not lose focus in their bid to press further for visionary leaders that will take Nigeria to the promised land as the challenges facing us today are surmountable if we all desire collectively to right the wrongs.

He attributed the current problems bedeveling Nigeria as a result of inability to elect visionary leaders at the centre to strenghten a pro-masses’ system that will cater for the yearnings and aspirations of the entire country not the few ruling elites that have continually turned themselves to a clog in the wheel of Nigerian development.

“I am worried that after 60 years of freedom from colonial era, we are still stuck in medieval-like era where both economic and political policies are achaic and fashioned out on the premise of primordial sentiment not on the basis of general interest of entire Nigerians.

He said, for Nigeria to move from the current stagnancy to a developed status, we must all exhibit attitudinal change that will entrench visionary people in all sectors and the attitudinal change not limited to the leaders alone but to all collectively as a people.

“Our perspective on every issue affecting us as nation must change, we cannot afford to run a country on the basis of tribalism, ethnicity and religious sentiment and expect meaningful development”, said Adeola.

Adeola, while commending Nigerians for their patience, resilience and can-do spirit despite numerous challenges battling the country, said he is optimistic that Nigeria can get it right if we all play our roles towards ensuring that visionary leaders are given mandate not reactionaries who do not have anything to offer other than milking Nigeria dry.

“Let us shun attitude of vote-buying, conscience selling and above all attitudinal change by all Nigerians irrespective of our status”.

He however charged Nigerian leaders to live above board and shun any act that can threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria as prioritizing the welfare of Nigerians in their policies will douse the tension and agitations for disintegration in some quarters.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless Oyo State!!
God bless Oke-Ogun!!!

Hon. Dele Adeola

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