Millions of goods lost to inferno as fire razes Sabo Market in Oyo

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ODUDUWA NEWS has gathered that the fire incident that occurred at Sabo Market in Oyo town, Oyo State has claimed goods worth millions of naira.

Sabo Market, which is the biggest farmers’ market in Oyo town was razed by fire, which started around 10 pm on Tuesday, destroyed some shops and property.

Firefighters from The Oyo State fire service were called immediately when the fire started, but some shops and property have been destroyed before their arrival.

The Chief Fire Officer in Oyo State, Mr Moshood Adewuyi confirmed the incident on Wednesday morning.

Adewumi, who said eight shops were gutted by the fire attributed the cause of the fire incident to a new dumpsite site.

“Yes. Yes. It is true. We were called around 30 minutes past 11 pm We went to the scene of the incident. You know our office is very close to Sabo.

“About eight shops were affected. And what were discovered in those shops were Cocoa, cashew nuts and some baskets. Those are the major things.

“So, it was only eight shops that were affected. Let us now go to the main cause, the people there, having known that they have property worth millions of naira, they also have a dumpsite site, they burnt it and left.

They set it ablaze but did not wait to monitor it. These are some of the mistakes that our people make.

“I believe that there should be a distance between your shop and the dumpsite; they set the dumpsite ablaze and went home. It was the fire from the dumpsite that spread to those shops,” he disclosed.

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