Luck down -Prof. Gbemisola Adeoti

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Luck down

Gbemisola Adeoti

which song do we sing
to the cacophonous sound
of gbedu’s larynx
tapped by viral fingers of Covid?

with ancient skins out sorts
dancing feet out of genre
broken legs robbed of rhythm
broken cords robbed of chorus
we beckon the world to a feast-
endless wonders of an errant era
that turns luck inside out
as all is locked down
upside down
untamed disaster unravels
before feasting eyes
before dithering ears
of conquerors and fraidy-cats

in this wandering era of wonders
our pot becomes a bulging strainer
cooking tears and statistics
negative tone triggers laughter
positive tune sags the spirit
like a timeworn, drooping okra

in this straying season of wonders
the living is locked
in pestilential dance
with a dis-ease, voyager of death

but one day
Covid’s luck will take a deadly plunge
down the hill of undying solitude.

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