Kidnapped FCE provost, driver, yet to be released by gunmen – Ogun Police

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Dr. Ayodele Ajayi, his wife, and their driver were taken hostage by gunmen who are believed to be kidnappers. He was the former provost of the Federal College of Education (FCE), Osiele, Abeokuta.

On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at around 7.17 p.m., the event reportedly took place in the Odeda Local Government of Ogun State’s Ikija village, Olodo region, on the Abeokuta-Ibadan road.

The kidnappers then released Mrs. Ajayi, and left with the former provost and his driver.

Five people had reportedly been abducted in the previous week, according to a source who told the publication that the hoodlums’ operations in the region was growing daily.

According to the source, the shooters attacked their victims after emerging from the bush.

Two of the five people the gunmen kidnapped yesterday were eventually released.

Additionally, three fatalities occurred last month. A well-known businessman who ran a sizable farm along the axis was among those killed.

“The Olu of Odeda in Odeda Town, Oba David Olorunisola, was almost kidnapped this week while his driver was shot and is still receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC),”

Help is needed; this is becoming too much. The insider continued, “Our security agencies need to take responsibility for their duties since our people are no longer protected.

Omolola Odutola, a spokeswoman for the State Police Command, verified the event and said that the police and other security personnel are looking for the kidnappers.

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