I divorced my ex-husband because he body-shamed me – Iyabo Ojo

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Nollywood sensational actress and film producer, Iyabo Ojo, today, revealed why she divorced her ex-husband.

According to the beautiful mother of two who spoke to Tosin, the CEO of Tattleroom, she divorced her husband after he body-shamed her and made her feel worthless because of her body.

Iyabo revealed that she got married at 21 and by the time she had her two children, she developed ugly stretch marks on her belly which made her husband constantly taunt her.

He would call her ugly and other offensive names because she had stretch marks on her tummy, stretch marks she got because of birthing their own children.

After the taunting became constant, she had to walk away to protect her sanity and peaceful. Iyabo said that she felt worthless because of her divorce and had to resort to clubbing and drinking to clear her mind.

She had to withdraw from people and keep to herself because she was tired of everything. However, she consoled herself and moved on.

Her children were her pillar and support and they made her to strive hard. That she was able to act as a gangster or Wonder woman was because of the storm she weathered in her marriage which made her extra tough. Finally, she made it and since then, she never regretted walking away from her marriage.

Iyabo Ojo’s story is a very emotional one as she passed through emotional torture in the hands of a man she dearly loved. It is very saddening seeing men look down on their wives because of their bodies after giving birth.

Men should understand that we women pass through hell during pregnancy and after pushing out babies, we still get blamed for how sagged, ugly or fat we have become.

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