hEarMax Centre: Where Experts Provide Professional Assessments, Solutions to Hearing and Speech Related Problems

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Living a healthy life can not be overrated as some people would think, the idea of not giving it some deep thought is the major cause that needs to be looked into.

One reason why HearMax Centre have come with the idea of getting rid of  series of hearing and speech impaired problems with scores of professionals readily available for clients’ services.

It is a core value that, each individual needs to be aware that there is more to the ear than just cosmetic cartilage for jewelries display. The ear is a vital organ of the human body with a well-defined mechanism that is responsible for the perception of sounds and a sense of balance. The reason why an impairment on this part of the body comes with both physical and psychological traumas on the so affected.

Hearing loss experience comes with stigma, denial and frustration to mention but a few of those dismay.

hEarMax is here to tell you that; as an individual with hearing loss you deserve more than the stigma, denial and frustration  you experience, you deserve a professional intervention than the general prescription the society offers, you deserve to hear the brewing wind and sweet sounds produced by the birds.

hEarMax provides professional assessments and solutions to your hearing problems such as:

• Hearing evaluation; pure tone audiometry, otoacoustic emission test, tympanometry test, auditory brain response test, etc.

• Hearing aid sales and fittings.

• Speech language therapy services

Their office is located at No. 3 Moremi road Aare Avenue, new Bodija, Ibadan.

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Website: www.hearmaxcentre.com
Phone No: 08086804931
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