General Adeniyi Must Not Die in Custody – Yoruba Elders Warn

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Yoruba elders under the platform of the Yoruba Summit Group at a meeting earlier held today lamented that real culprits of the crime against the Nigerian people and nation were allowed to go scot free.

Thé leaders expressly demanded that Adeniyi must be safe in custody with no harm happening to him.

The group said, “The Yorùbá nation notes with sadness that on the very day our daughter Tolulope went home, a senior military officer, Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, was court-martialled for daring to voice out the lack of tools and equipment needed to prosecute a Boko Haram war that has become far too prolonged and far too controversial in light of the numerous calls to the Federal Government to change the service chiefs who have failed to provide the highest quality of security, leadership and delivery of forthrightness in their duties.

“We the Yorùbá condemn in strong terms the cherry-picking of our fighters, soldiers, officers as either cannon fodders easy-targets, operational fall-guys and being used for experimental disciplinary measures whilst the real culprits go free!

“Critical to this development are also pieces of news items of friendly fire from soldiers of a particular part of the country using their guns on our fighters who dare carry the battle deep into the Boko Haram held territories.”

The leaders are also demanding for a full scale investigation into the death of Tolulope Arotile.

They posited that there was more to her death that have to be unraveled.

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