FIBSU UNIOSUN: Exploring Ibadan, A Memorable Tour

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FIBSU UNIOSUN Members on tour.

In the vibrant spirit of exploration and cultural exchange, the Federation of Ibadan Students Unions Osun State University (FIBSU-UNIOSUN) embarked on an enriching tour of the historic city of Ibadan, under the dynamic leadership of Aare Adepoju Afeez Babatunde. Led by the visionary regime, the journey unfolded into a tapestry of experiences, highlighting the essence and beauty of Ibadan’s heritage.

Upon arrival at the Ibadan House, a warm embrace awaited the students, as they were graciously welcomed by Barrister Niyi Ajewole, the esteemed president of the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII). This reception set the tone for the camaraderie and cultural exchange that would characterize the entire tour.

FIBSU UNIOSUN Members on tour.

One of the tour’s highlights was the visitation to the newly built Olubadan Palace, nestled majestically at Oke Aremo. Here, amidst the echoes of history and tradition, students were immersed in the rich tapestry of Ibadan’s royal legacy, gaining insight into its customs and heritage.

Ascending to greater heights, both metaphorically and literally, the tour then led to the iconic Bower’s Tower, perched at Igbo Agala at Oke Aremo. From this vantage point, students beheld the panoramic vista of Ibadan, as the city sprawled below, a testament to its grandeur and resilience.

Amidst the exploration and cultural immersion, moments of leisure and recreation were cherished. At the Royal Boat Cruise in Eleyele, members indulged in relaxation, gaming sessions, and a captivating boat cruise along the tranquil waters. Against the backdrop of Ibadan’s scenic beauty, friendships were forged, and memories etched forever.

Indeed, the tour orchestrated by the FIBSU-UNIOSUN 2023/2024 executives and coordinators, under the astute leadership of Aare Adepoju Afeez Babatunde, transcended mere sightseeing. It was a journey of discovery, unity, and appreciation, weaving together the threads of tradition, history, and camaraderie. As the echoes of laughter and camaraderie lingered, participants departed with hearts full of gratitude, and minds enriched by the vibrant tapestry of Ibadan’s cultural heritage.

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