DSS Questions Publishers Over Alleged Publication Of False News Targeting Ogun SSG

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The individuals responsible for the false accusations against Tokunbo Talabi, the Secretary to Ogun State Government (SSG), are currently undergoing questioning by security agencies, according to information acquired by Oduduwa News.

In the meantime, one particular individual who played a significant role in spreading the fabricated news about Talabi has been apprehended by the DSS. The false information was intended to damage both the SSG’s reputation and that of his family, while also inciting public sentiment against the Ogun State government.

This individual stands accused of covertly accessing the financial statement of Superflux Nigeria Ltd. They allegedly manipulated a debit transaction connected to the company’s N20 million donation to the Ogun State COVID-19 fund, portraying it as a credit inflow from Talabi. This action caused considerable distress to both Talabi, his family, and the company.

Furthermore, the accused person has been charged with disseminating false information about Talabi, accusing him of involving the company in printing ballot papers for the 2023 Ogun State elections. Contrary to these claims, Talabi officially severed ties with the company when he assumed the role of SSG in 2019, and the company had not received any such contract from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Sources indicate that the accused individual has confessed to being instigated by a current senator in Ogun State to orchestrate the downfall of the SSG. Talabi’s rapid ascent in the state’s political scene reportedly unsettled certain politicians.

Meanwhile, a prominent news organization has suspended its Correspondent in Ogun State indefinitely. This decision comes in response to a letter from Talabi’s legal representatives, urging the company to retract the story.

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