Dele Adesina SAN petitions BoT, calls recently held NBA election a sham

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In the extract of a petition letter sent to the BoT by one of the candidates that contested in the recently held NBA election, Mr. Dele Adesina SAN calling for the cancellation of the election.

Mr. Adesina said “My fraternal greetings and profound respect to the Chairman and other members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Board of Trustees.

I send this Petition to you with all sense of responsibility and in appreciation of the motto of the NBA which is – “Promoting the Rule of Law” – with a clarion call that you rise up and save our beloved Association. In writing this Petition, please I beseech you to have attention to the following fundamental observations as regards my person:

I am writing this Petition because of my heartfelt desire to redeem the image and integrity of our Association that is consistently being beaten and battered every two years by electoral fraud.

b) The NBA as a generational Association is supposed to be and is presumably composed by men and women of honour, honesty and integrity. These ethical values have to be exhibited by the Association at all times. Please recognise that these ethical values are not just in words only, they are in consistency of actions.

It is against the foregoing background that I am compelled to present this Petition to the Trustees with a view to letting you know that the conduct of the NBA Election of July 29-30, 2020 is not only a violation of all the known values of our Profession but is also capable of bringing disgrace and dishonour to the Association and the Legal Profession in general and I will be urging your Body to take a stand with respect, promptly.”

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